Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and then everything CHANGED!

So, before I continue the HOUSE saga… I must say I am going to have to post more than one blog entry a day in order to keep up… (I think)… I wish I had pictures of the before....

So, what changed yesterday? EVERYTHING in the house. I had to make a run over to the Embassy for a medical consult, (everyone has to do this) and start some immunizations, (more about that another day). TheKitchen, and the new side x side refrigerator with ice & water through the door is such a HUGE improvement over the one they removed!

The Skullery- you can't see the washer that is next to the Dishwasher and the dryer is across from the dishwasher.

While I was gone, DH was checking with agency he works for about the furniture in our house (there are several agencies attached
to the Embassy and not all share the same furniture pool).
The furniture delivered belongs to the State Department and not the furniture we were supposed to get. So we make arrangements for me to home on Tuesday for the switch… so we are done at the Embassy and we get a call, the truck is waiting at the house… how soon we can be home. So we ditch the plans for lunch and headed for home. The living room, the lamps are going back as soon as there is something to replace them with. They are just not right!

Now all this is several hours after a fellow shows up here in the morning with a ladder that they forgot to leave on Friday (before we moved in), which I signed for. So, they tell me all the furniture is going back on the truck; the greenish tinged with gold upolstered sofas, the brown recliner, the dining room table and chairs, side board, china hutch, dressers, night tables, bed frames and mattresses… and the appliances, (not the built ins). So that means… finish drying the load in the dryer, strip the bed, unload the refrigerator, check all the drawers on all the furniture, lock the cat in the bathroom and Axel in the rear courtyard.

So then a swarm of men come in and carted every stick of furniture outside. And then they pick up all the area rugs. I can now see that the entire floor needs to be mopped, upstairs and down. But there isn’t any time for that because a truck is backing down the compound drive. It is full of the furniture we were supposed to get. So while the old furniture is being wrapped and loaded on to the first truck, furniture is being unloaded and unwrapped from the second truck. Talk about some chaos in the drive! So Now I have a whole new house. Needless to say I didn’t get anything else done yesterday!!! The lanai through the French-ish doors.

I have to say the furniture is better. The living room is now leather and wood, no upholstered stuff, great if the cat decides to venture downstairs. The dining room doesn’t have a china hutch, much better since I really don’t have anything to show off in a glass fronted hutch. The table seats 8, without a leaf, so I don’t need the extra chairs. Upstairs we have book cases, beds and night tables. Our room does have a new highboy dresser. The dining room table, chairs with a book case in the corner.

The warehouse manager said he would look for some rugs for us at the warehouse. The noise level has increased considerably, since we have tile throughout. Otherwise we will have to purchase a few. When I mentioned that to DH, and that a Persian would look great… he said that would be nice!!! I have always wanted one… I have some rugs coming in the Sea Shipment, but it was just released yesterday… so it is still 3-6 months out. Incidentally the Air Shipment was also released yesterday, so we have at least 3 weeks to see the stuff we really can’t live very long without… it’s been 2 plus weeks already, and 3 more or less to go. Although so far I have been busy enough to not really miss it and really happy that I didn’t have it all unpacked already and had to pack it all back up yesterday.

In most of the photos that show a window, you will notice sheets for curtains; I was told today that they should be replacing with real curtains next week! We said we could deal with that if it got us out of the hotel. You will also notice in the pictures that there are lots of bars on the windows and doors. One thing for certain, we are secure here. In addition to the security bars and doors, we have an alarm system with panic buttons at various points in the house and a portable one to carry. In addition to the house security, our home is in a compound with 3 other homes (empty still); at the entrance we have our own guard. You don’t get in unless you have a gate clicker or he announces you (by intercom). We have a guard 24 hours a day! The American Government takes security very seriously. This is the front porch, the door is open.

OK that’s all for today… More tomorrow or maybe the next day….



Karen S said...

Looks like a nice place. When do the furbabies come home?

Jean Etheridge said...

What a roller coaster ride you are on. I am surprised by the security, or I guess even the need for that kind of security. Impressive. I think the furniture changes sound like a big improvement.

Shirley said...

Iew, all those security measures, I hope you'll never have to use them.