Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Yesterday while I was out running errands I remembered that there was an Orchid Show at a local nursery. So I grabbed my camera…. I have just loaded up a few here… for more check out my Flickr page. There are a couple that are not Orchids, but I just couldn’t resist.
There were some pretty amazing specimens. Some as small as 1/4” and I saw a black one, but it did not photograph very well.
Before I left the nursery, I spent a few minutes looking at some of the other plants. I found a lime green and red Coleus and took a picture, considering doing something…  al a Susan Brubaker Knapp, her blog is Blue Moon River.
I really liked the water on the Prayer Plant…
And lastly a Gerbera Daisy… and it had just been watered, again I liked the water droplets on the petals.
More later-


Becky said...

How pretty! I went to an orchid show once, and it was so fascinating! I bought an orchid, but it never bloomed. One of my co-workers in a lab long ago was a big orchid fan, and he'd bring each plant in when it bloomed to share. Thanks for sharing your pics!!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beeeutiful!!!! But then you already know that I love your photographs...Of course, I don't know which one is my favourite, so I'll choose ALL of them!

Jean said...

My daughter and two grandsons are visiting. I have told her about your photography, and we looked at your blog together today. She has recently taken a photography class (just for fun -- she is an elementary teacher by day) and commented on the clarity and color in your photos. She was wondering what kind of camera you use. These are just wonderful.

sosarahsew said...

Such beauty!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Sarah

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those pictures are bee-u-ti-ful!! Really like the last photo.

Karen S said...

I love them all -- orchids are a particular favorite for me. I think the prayer plant photo is the best -- if you don't use it, can I?