Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beasts Part II

Ok, so I have been a bit lax on the blogging side of things, but judging from the lack of comments….. I’m thinking everyone is as busy or otherwise occupied as I have been. Having the DH home has really affected my allotment of free time!!!

Once again the sewing room has been bereft and left to idle and I am so far behind …. that the light at the end of the tunnel appears to have been extinguished! I’ll do better in the coming week.

So what have I been doing that has kept me away…. We went hunting again. I surprised DH with a trip to a local Bow Hunting only place. Since I got him the Bow for Christmas…. Anyway it was a very nice and relaxing long weekend. -the-entrance-GranietkopThis is the entrance. The name comes from the region, (where there are huge granite rock formations, which are mined/quarried). There is a lodge, with a common room, and 2 sleeping quarters on each end, 2 freestanding buildings with bed, bath and kitchenette,


a recreation building that has a bar, pool table and eating areas, (as you can see a granite rock pile), and 2 Safari Tents.


We stayed in a Safari Tent, which are luxurious as tents go!!!! The tents are really soft sided buildings, and have electricity and running water. They come complete furnished with beds, tables, chairs, linens, etc. just like any hotel room.


One of the more interesting features is the shower. It is outside. In the summer it would be wonderful, but in the winter …. even with hot water…. not for me. The room did have a tub in the bathroom, with a handheld shower…. so you could bathe in relative warmth.



All the facilities are ‘self catering’ meaning you cook your own food, they supply the kitchen and a simple assortment of utensils.

It is winter here, and like home, hunting season is in the winter… So the temps were chilly, but compared to winter in Chicago… balmy! The nights were cool and days were nice. I was able to take walks and see some of the local creatures… and there was even a horse I could ride. I did get a few pictures, but not too many. I did see a bird or two (I’ll post those later), a few deerlike creatures with horns; but the winner was the sunsets. Because of the smoke in the air, sunsets in winter are spectacular!!!




And of course the question… everyone is asking… Did DH bag a beast? Yes, a Wildebeest. So we are going to find out how they taste too.


Well thanks for reading and I post again soon… I promise.

More Later- Beth


Jean said...

Beth, I read your previous blog and my husband and I both were amazed by the pictures from his hunt! This time - wow - a Wildebeest. It sounds like fiction. The tent looks pretty fancy. What gorgeous sunset photos.

I am even farther behind on blogging than you -- and I don't see any improvement since I started back to school today. We traveled a good bit of July. We went to Knoxville to the AQS show for me, and then we were in Colorado for vacation and some time with my mother-in-law. I followed that with a trip south to see my daughter's family and the grandsons. Your trips far surpass ours for adventure, I must say!

Anonymous said...

That was great surprise for your DH! The camp looks bee-u-ti-ful!

Meg said...

The sunset pictures as FANTABULOUS... those need to be framed!!


Anonymous said...

Beth, it is great to hear from you again. I have also been very slack on my blogging and quilting. July was a very good month but busy.

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful and deserve awards, especially the South Africa sunset.

Take care and until the next time...


Karen S said...

I've been a bad blogger too (and a bad chicken, as you know) -- it must be the time of year for that. Love the sunset pics -- the architecture of those buildings is interesting. They look like cartoon buildings. Especially with the rocks growing over the tops.

And yes, family members seem to suck up so much free time...

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Beautiful photos, love the sunset ones.