Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Out and About

Since we arrived in DC…. its been mostly staying in…. aside from eating out. We both have a bit of family in the area. I have an Aunt ‘S”  and the DH has a sister (and her family) that live a little off the beaten path. They have had us out to their house twice for a break from the hotel. It was very nice to be with family!!! They have even offered to let me bring the dogs. I haven’t seen my Aunt yet, but I plan to remedy that this weekend.

The only other 2 things that were on the ‘town’ was a Nationals Baseball Game on September 20th. DH has a friend that is also a baseball nut and he and his wife invited us to attend a game with them. Great Seats and wouldn’t you know it was the night that the Nats clinched a place in the Playoffs and a run toward the Pennant!!! DH has part of a Season Ticket , so, for the next few years I will be seeing some baseball again.


I also have attended a Quilt Guild meeting on September 25th. It was a chapter of Quilters Unlimited (click for more info). There are about 7 chapters, each functions individually but has a role to play in the big guild as well. It sounds very interesting. This group meets twice a month, one meeting is business and the other is program.

I picked the best night to attend!!! It was Program! The speaker was an amazing quilter, but not only that she is a surface design artist and she prints her own fabric! Yep amazing. Diane Rusin Doran (click on her name for more information) has some amazing quilts. She plays in Photoshop to create her fabrics, and prints them out using on her printer. Most of the larger quilts are 5 widths of fabric (8.5 x 44 inches) stitched together. Her work was just spectacular, my pictures do not do it justice.



The quilt (just a section) below was done as a collage in Photoshop and then printed. It was stunning and very bright.



Detail photo below!


All the photos in this post were taken with the iPhone 4s, most of the quilts were being handled/touched so some pictures are not the best.

More Later-Beth



Titia said...

Will google her. Beautiful quilting too. I assume it has to be a very special printer? I think this is what Gloria Hansen does as well.

Anonymous said...

Amazing quilts!! Lucky you who got to see them live.
Hows the house project going?
Hugs from a crisp sunny Sweden

Karen S said...

I love the colors!

Becky said...

Beautiful, and I love baseball! I've been wanting to take my boys to a pro game ever since they were born, but we've always lived so far away from any team. We do have a few farm teams somewhat close, so maybe next summer....