Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good News!

Axel did not have to have another surgery. In the 2 weeks we waited forAxel-4th-time another surgery to repair the ear, it healed. His hematoma was drained again, and then his ear was taped down. It seems this time the healing did much better. To cement the healing, he is going to remain taped for another 2 weeks at which time he will be rechecked and we will decide if he can finally be free of the cone and tape.

There is some bad news though. The blood test shows that while he does not appear to have Cushing's or Addison's Disease, (what we thought he might have),  he is showing early signs of kidney failure, which is really very early signs of Renal failure. None of is levels came back as extremely high (what would be considered outside of the normal range, but on the high end of normal), and we are catching it early… it means that he will have to go on a prescription diet (‘kidney diet’). One company that makes it, has corn starch in it-, and while they claim, it is not corn… IT IS IF YOUR DOG IS ALLERGIC TO CORN!!! and that is the one we will have to go with, because the other company  has ‘ground corn’ as the one of the 1st 5 ingredients…too much real corn!!!

storm-cloudsOf course as soon as I mentioned the weather (last post)…. it changed. It was grey, humid and cloudy all last week. The occasional peeks of sun were short and watery at best -but that is good, otherwise we would have had stronger thunder storms. One thing we did NOT need by Thursday was any more rain. And this week, (the last week before the official celestial start of summer) is going to feel like SUMMER. Very hot and HUMID! One of the thunderheads.

You know its hot when the robins are panting…. It wasn’t talking, it was just sitting on the fence.


More later. Beth


janene said...

I'm so happy for Axel that his ear is healing. not so happy about the kidney thing. I hope the right diet and maybe meds will take care of it too. He's probably so used to the cone by now, he'll feel naked when he doesn't have to wear it again. Janene

Exuberant Color said...

that poor pathetic robin!

Anonymous said...

Happy for Ax and hope that the collar comes of soooon.
Fiona is also allergic to corn, found out early on when she developed tiny bald spots. Think corn is the most common allergen for dogs...and most doggie food contains it. And there is a lot to be said about that ;9