Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Chicken Dance

I am still getting ready for the Thread Painting class in September. I have the elephant done, the flower basket done and the 3 flower piece done as far as it will be going…. Until after the class. I am toying with one more idea- either painted or done with TAP paper (to cheat and not have to paint)…. But before I could do that I had to finish a really fun project that I have been working on for a year. Really a little longer than that… because I started it in late 2009, but the original plan did not work… so it waited until I was ready to make it into something else.

You will remember this part, I posted it … as a top in June 2013.


It done and has a name… I have decided to call it “Foul Play on the Dance Floor” and it now has a label, too. The red and white checker board did not work very well with the Chickens. So I turned it into this quilt, which while it reminds me of a chess/checker board, has nothing to with Chickens, but we can still have fun with a name! The Foul in this is, aside from the design errors, the thread I used to quilt it…. OMG, I will never use this brand again… break break break… while Free Motioning… the thread did not mind the Accufeed, (Janome’s name for the walking foot) at all, though. Too bad my construction was not quite spot on… Oh well… I just didn’t want to waste the fabric… so I made it work!


and now Part II of the original design has been finished too.

The whole time I was working on it, it brightened the room. I am beginning to think, I like bright…. bright, bright!


It is titled “Foul Play at the Chicken Dance”. Anyone that has been to a wedding had done the Chicken Dance (or at lease seen it performed). There was some foul play along the way… like, after having my sewing machine service, the tech did not wipe down all the areas where grease (black grease), did not belong. So I had to remake 2 of the borders Also on the back is the leftover chicken that did not make it to the front. He has a broken heart, because as is often a case –or as so many novels and movies portray, a new relationship …. may end and another bloom at a wedding. Another foul, I did not consider… was that the wool batting would not block the front from showing through… Oh well… I wanted to use wool because I have it… (you can see the front… coming through).


I sent it to a long armer for quilting. It does make me want my own long arm even more!

cr-Orange-Chick-Dance        cr-Pink-Chick-Dance

Two of the chickens… and a bit of a border.


I was going to bead the chickens, but they really didn’t become any more special with the beads, so I removed what I had on it.

And to end… while I was trying to get some pictures of the Chix…. Linzi decided she wanted to be photographed and a not so great picture of Axel, with his totally healed ear!!! Hooray!

Linz       Ax

More Later-Beth


Anonymous said...

Hihi, Linzi looks like a pin-up and Axel very tired.
The Chicz are so flipping great, it make me smile like this :D every time I see it and the back is great too. How innovative, would never had thought of something like that.
The people in your thread paint class will be so happy to have you are a teacher. !!!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! I hope that you're keeping this one, because all you'd ever need to dois look at it, to chase away the blues!!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You know I love that quilt...it is so much fun!!! Those sweet little pups at the end of your post....oh boy...give them a little squeeze from me :)