Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost all Caught Up

PROGRESS! To be reported. I did some housekeeping, actually most of it these past few days. There is still more to do, as always… so now I’m going to stay on top of it so it doesn’t become such a chore. Not that cleaning is ever NOT a chore…

Thanksgiving was very pleasant and low key. I enjoyed the day with my husbands family in Indiana. One sister drives in every year with her husband and 3 kids from VA, another sister drives in from the city of Chicago, and a brother lives nearby and comes for the day with his wife and 2 kids. I took my computer and setup SKYPE with video, so everyone could say hello to their -son - brother - uncle- since he couldn't be there. We had the traditional meal, which was delicious as always. I don’t mind not cooking the meal at home, because when they carve the bird, they take all the meat and leave a pile of bones (with meat still on them too), which I get to bring home with me!!! I have already turned it into stock and will finish the conversion to soup this morning. As I have invited a friend over to enjoy some with me for lunch as we look over the information for a large Quilt Guild project she has taken on.

I did NOT do any ‘Black Friday’ shopping. Mostly because we are going to donate to the Heifer Project in all the names we would normally buy a gift for this year. But … I did look through all the ads and there just wasn’t anything I had to run out and buy… well nothing I was getting up in the middle of the night to buy!!! I did see one thing, which I sauntered into OfficeMax at nearly 11 am to buy, even though the ad said there would only 20 for the sale in each store…. It was a Brother P-touch labeler. Now, I can just make a label and not have to use the computer. As for the Heifer Project, I can’t decide if we want to do one large animal or lots of smaller animal pods…. A real dilemma for certain.

I must also bake at least one more batch of biscotti, possibly 2 today. Yesterday I made traditional Anise Almond and a Chocolate Chip Walnut. Today I will make a White Chocolate Cherry, new this year and I also have an idea for a Lemon Pistachio- saw the combo in a magazine… sounds good. I have plans for all this biscotti. It is my version of Christmas cookies. I have been making biscotti for years and have perfected a recipe and technique to the point of perfect!!!  I just tasted the Chocolate Chip Walnut- delicious!

So the last of the ‘Sparkly Chicken’ swap blocks have straggled in. I have posted a picture here of all 11 that I have (one of them was lost in the mail and she is working on the replacement now!!! I can't wait to see it.). Don’t they just scream original!!! I love each one. There is one that is a 3-D nest box!!! That is also a pocket. I’m thinking I am going to make some sparkly eggs to slip in…(Click on a picture to make it larger for viewing)

I have also taken a picture of the fall blocks I received. Oh, my they are so neat…. I might just have to make 2 wall hangings from them.

The jacket, I made (see previous post), fits beautifully!!! No pointy shoulders in the back, no funky collar gaps and no extra bulk in the sides. Can’t wait to make another, although I do think I will quilt one… and line it. When??? Not sure -yet.

There will be MORE Later!

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Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your blog. The jacket turned out vey nice! Durban ZA