Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year New Post!

Wow…. I haven’t posted a blog in 12 weeks…. give or take.

After the Guild Challenge… the Holidays were upon us!!! And now that we are done with that…  I am finding that I can do without all the Christmas hoopla… especially when the retail stores start the sales pitch as early as August these days. Next year… Unless I plan to make someone a holiday gift… we will be going back to the tradition we started in South Africa. We will be donating in the Family name to a charity.  Christmas DONE!

Before Christmas… I did visit the DAR Museum in DC, with several members of the guild. We car pool to the Metro and take that in…. So the pictures… are of the quilts on display in the Eye on Elegance exhibit. The exhibit featured quilts made in the 1800’s in Virginia and Maryland. For more information go to the DAR Museum.


The New Year started calmly in our house.  I cannot believe how long this first week of 2015 seems to be! But isn’t that the way a year goes… some weeks seem longer than others, and sometimes months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.


We are on a count down clock. 170+ days until the DH retires. What does that mean… well a move, of course. Virginia was just a stop over for us. It means now we get this house ready for the market… Target date April 1… or right after the snow melts!


Speaking of snow… today is the first real snowfall this winter. Nothing measurable… until now. Yes we had a dusting some where back in November… I think, but today is the dry powdery stuff, coming straight down like a rain shower. So far about 3 inches, which is all that was forecast, but it is still snowing. I saw a school bus, so school must be in session today. Me, I’m staying in where its warm and dry…. they are saying that bitter cold will follow the snow storm, so that looks like a perfect plan.

What am I going to do with this day? Continue culling and preparing the Creative Space to look like a very neat and organized “studio”!!! Can you say ‘staging’. Trust me a very big job. I don’t plan to start any new projects… (but I do reserve the right… to do so), in the near future and will concentrate on completing a few. My messy shelving will be transformed into a rainbow of brightly colored fabrics, folded and arrange neatly in a rainbow. I can see lots of ironing time in the future!!! The rest of the stash and accompanying accumulation of crap… will be boxed and sent to storage. It has been 8 years since we have put a house on the market.


As I close this… the weather radio… went off and we have been ‘upgraded’ to a Winter Storm warning… now 6” of snow forecast.  I have been entertained by the birds at the Suet block… this morning -lots of Sparrows of course, Dark Eyed Juncos, some Chickadees, Titmouse and a Wren and a Starling that I scared off.


Photo #1- Ohio Star, #2 & #3 Baltimore Album, #4 Detail from a Tree of Life style quilt, #5 a Medallion and Trapunto style quilt all made in the 1800’s.

More Later! Beth