Friday, June 28, 2019

Its been a while!

An Explanation

As with most blogs... I've let this one languish because there wasn't much going on to document with words or pictures. Originally I began this blog in 2009 to keep track of my visits to South Africa. I am so glad I did because otherwise, I might have thought it was a dream. Visiting for 6 weeks at a time really did make it feel like an adventure. And when I wasn't adventuring I shared quilting and some of the daily activities. 


Then the opportunity to move to Africa came along in 2010.  Being attached to the Embassy in Pretoria as Diplomats was something I figured happened to other people. (I was not the diplomat). Working at the Embassy was fun too. But for me, the real adventure was meeting with other quilters and the everyday working people of the country. I am so happy that I recorded so much of living and the experience of living among another culture.

Of course, that had to end.

So the blog turned to the adventure of moving back to the states, (late 2012), the experience of living in Northern Virginia. Connecting with some family and back to more quilting. Once 2015 came and retirement, a move to Kentucky. That move was an adventure in its own right... With little choice, we settled in Elizabethtown because we found a real estate agent that clearly heard our plea, then a house that met our needs. Once settled we knew it was not the right place. The house yes, the close proximity to others not so much. Granted it is not as close to neighbors as the townhouse in VA was, (as in sharing walls), but closer than we really wanted.


Our original goal when moving to Kentucky, (the original plan was near Paducah), was a little elbow room, like at least an acre, but that did not happen. However, we did not give up on the dream and...

The barn, the shop and the house.
We are moving again!

The photo in the header is a tease! This is one of the perks. A pond! A stocked pond! With blackbirds nesting among the reeds, dragonflies, and butterflies.

A Dragonfly at the pond!
In the meantime we are packing, planning and dreaming of beautiful starry night skies, bird song, cows mooing and the sound of a rooster!!! A few hurdles remain of course, as with most home purchases... so if you have a mind to a little positive boost to the universe would be very much appreciated.
A Redwing Blackbird on the pond fence.

I will be sad to leave a few of the neighbors. In all the places I have lived this is the first time I have had a quilter as a neighbor!

A view of the pond and the loafing shed from the house.

So stay tuned... 

A new adventure begins on a little country farm!!!

More later.... Lots more later, but first the move.  Beth