Friday, July 20, 2018

A Few More Flowers

I guess I forgot to post part 2 of the flowers from the recent outing. 

Thistles are so interesting an all phases …. from buds to full bloom- so many textures and shapes. They never fail to surprise me.


And since it was the sunflowers that drew my attentions to the whole excursion…


One with a bee! Sunflowers are another that never fails to keep me interested. Always…. bright and sunny with lots of friends visiting… birds, bees, grasshoppers and butterflies.

More Later! Beth
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Its been a few minutes since posting any pictures here…

After a long winter and a very unusually cool spring… hot and steamy summer is HERE! 74 degrees out at 5 am and humid.

I noticed yesterday that one of the highway department fields had been planted with safflowers and had just started to bloom. I have missed my walks and the Kentucky DOT provides such a nice opportunity… and as luck would have it the city has a small Arboretum next door, that has improved steadily since moving here (3 years ago this month).

The flowers….


A Zinnia, I love the 2 colors (3 if you count the orange band between yellow and pink/purple)


Not sure what flower this is…



this one is my favorite!