Saturday, April 18, 2015

Springtime in Virginia

As the title suggests there are signs of SPRING everywhere in Virginia. Of course … the blooming of the forsythia is the first true bloom that the winter weather is done. I wish I had gone out with the camera to captures some of the yellow bushes dotting farm and field in all of its wild splendor. But I was at home…making ready the house for Sale. Its done. The house has been on the market and is already-

Off the market. We are under contract and if all goes well … our stuff will be on a truck heading some where soon. The where is the big question. Essentially we are homeless…

I have to say that the online pictures make the house look like a magazine layout! But I have put away everything that says us, had the interior repainted and the dogs confined to the kitchen and family room. I could get used to living in neatness, if I didn’t have to do all the neatening!




Because I have had to be out of the house a few days… I took the camera out for some exercise.

To start a SPRING sunrise. Not the clearest because I took it through the window. Reminds me of some of the sunrises I saw in Nebraska!


The next 3 are tiny small flowers that grow under the trees. The flowers are only half of an inch, and the stalks maybe 4 inches tall. So very small and 2 different varieties.


Forkleaf Toothwort


Carolina Spring Beauty


and here you can see a bit of the Spring Beauty color


Sometimes I am amazed by what I see, that I never saw before. Like the maple seeds above, right after the bloom…  and just before the leaves.


I found these to 2 ladies out for a spring stroll. I never realized before how iridescent the feathers were… until one was in the shade and the other in the sun.


And of course a wild violet. I found a large patch near a creek yesterday. FYI, in some places this creek would have been a river!


An old barn with red roofed cupolas.

So that is Virginia spring and what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. Not much sewing.

More Later-Beth