Friday, September 28, 2012

Half Settled

Yes again I have been quiet, because I don’t have much to report.

We did make it back to the states and into a hotel in the DC area. This is where we are calling it “HOME”.


It’s a very nice place that allows dogs, even big dogs. Of course we are at the limit size… for big dogs. They have been very good for 2 dogs that have not been able to run and play for more than 2 weeks now. Some how, in transit, there vaccination records have been lost… and getting a rabies tag is not possible without them, so no opportunity for dog parks.

The hotel is a suite with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and a table for eating at. If we were going to be here much longer than the middle of October (we hope), then I would consider requesting all the furniture from one bedroom be removed, for a bit more breathing space for the ‘stuff ’.

We have made an offer on a house, it’s been accepted and now we WAIT. So more about that when it looks more like a reality, so stay tuned.

Our ‘air shipment’ is here, and thank the lord for family…. DH has a sister that lives close and has graciously offered to house the nearly 700 pounds of stuff… for bit.  

To keep myself and the dogs sane I take them for a couple of walks a day. There is a walking trail nearby, so we take plenty of opportunity there. One day we found this guy. I didn’t have the camera with me, but I did have the iPhone…


a turtle, don’t know what kind


and we found some of these. This one came towards us for a better view. 

There were several and a youngster, but since he was smaller than the dogs, I suspect he was questioning whose mealtime it was.

Today I am meeting my Aunt for breakfast. I haven’t seen her since 2007, so it will be a nice treat to see some of my family.

As always, there will be more later- Beth


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11 and I know right where I was. I was alone. I was in San Diego, CA - I was supposed to be getting ready for work and for some strange reason I turned on the TV that morning. Something I almost never did.
So yesterday, moving the time up 3 hours (East Coast time zone)… found me sitting in the hotel breakfast area…. It made me stop and think about the actual decade +1, and all the changes.
The first one that comes to mind is the TSA, especially after just traveling internationally. You get a pretty good pat down, (the first time coming back to the states in 2009 it was a “FULL” pat down, just let your mind go wild-yep, that full). This time more a controlled area at the gate, we had to take off our shoes and the carry-bags were searched by hand.
The second is all the changes in my life, and how fast life is moving. 9/11 in many respects seems like just yesterday, but then I look at all the things that have changed in the world, and all the changes that have occurred in my own life…. and it does feel like it should be much further in the past.
I watched a bit of some of the retrospective programs on the tube yesterday. I listen to some of the stories, from co-workers, wives/husbands and families, either recounting what they saw or the loss they witnessed. It made me sad.
Add to that the the murder of 4 members of the Libyan Consulate, over a perceived notion of a slight based on a MOVIE. Maybe we should retract our government, fortify the walls and pull the gates closed; and let the mob have at it. At least most of us would be safe.
More Later!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A bit of Sewing!

I’ve been quiet, but not sitting still. This was our last week here in Pretoria, South Africa…. I had to finish a quilt. So between the Household Goods being packed and the packing of the Air Freight I completed a quilt for my housekeeper- Maria. Her favorite color is brown… I had to order the fabrics online and really need a variety, so I ordered a charm pack and a fat quarter bundle. I would have liked a bit more contrast…. but I made the best of what I had….. the back is a piece of ‘shwe shwe’ that the DH brought back from Rwanda for me. The color was perfect for this quilt.


The center was meandered, a medium size, straight stitching in the black border -2 rows and a vine and leaves in the outer borders. I also quilted her name and a sentiment on the bottom.


I hope that it brings here warmth and comfort, and reminds her of me.

Me, I have some quilty ways to remember South Africa as well. The Kwetterkwilters helped me celebrate my birthday a little early, since I wouldn’t be here for the ‘real’ occasion. I picked August 15 for the date. For the birthday blocks it was the receiver that chose their theme…. I chose ‘Africa’! Oh, did I get some great responses!!!! I have one more block but didn’t have the time to photograph it. I will post it later!


But the blocks I have are these, from Corrianne (giraffe & bowls), Lynnette (the African Elephant) and Leatitia the 2 strip pieced squares.


I also received a most marvelous block from Marina. It is all about South Africa and the Free State. It has symbols and words that describe the country and her love of her homeland! It is most wonderful. I am thinking it will be framed and hung in my future sewing studio!

We will be airborne in a bit more than 5 hours…. a very long flight (18 hours total) and we will be in Washington DC.

As always- MORE LATER - Beth