Monday, September 28, 2015

Light Refraction

I stayed up late last night, did you? There was a total eclipse of the moon. Ordinarily I wouldn’t stay up to watch it, I mean once you’ve watched the Earth block the moon from the sun and cast a shadow…. what is different from time to time? What made this one different, was three things; the moon was nearly full, was at its closest point to Earth and due to the position and light refraction it was a Blood moon, so called because of the red/orange hue the moon takes on during the eclipse.

I almost didn’t prepare for it, as we had clouds all day…. But just before the first picture… the clouds started to clear out…. I missed the moonrise due to the clouds… so no full shot… of the plain old yellow moon and I didn’t stay up long enough to get a shot of the plain old moon after either.

While in South Africa, we had a Blood moon eclipse and I tried to get some decent pictures, but due to my novice experience and the lighting (safety lighting that only went off in power outages) I didn’t get such great pictures. Not that what I have posted here will win any prizes…. But these are better than the ones I took in 2011.


The start


about halfway


and (nearly) done.

If you missed it, the next one will be in 20 years, so plan accordingly if you want to see one yourself.

Speaking of light refraction. It is spider season these days and most mornings… there are some huge webs strung up in the yard…. As I was preparing to leave one morning the light on one of the webs was beautiful. Showing a web…. in a different light… anyway, I did not have time to find a perfect web strung up in a perfect setting…. Or even harder… the perfect web in the perfect light…. The spiders are hiding… so nothing to fear in the pictures below.



And lastly, I think the trees are leaning a little toward fall. This is the first leaf I found with color on the ground in the yard, a couple of weeks ago. A maple… of course.


More Later! 


Saturday, September 5, 2015

3 Month Mark

It is difficult to believe that we have only been here for 3 months!!! It feels like much longer and much less all at once. We have done so much… mostly just small things, but they have made a huge impact.

We still have some things that need to be done. We were hoping to remodel the master bathroom, but that may wait because we have detected a little heating and cooling issue, which in turn has found a small electrical issue.

The heating and cooling problem is in my Creative Space. My space is a 2 room area and part is an addition over the garage addition, and appears it may not have been insulated well enough, but we want to see what happens in the winter, so we deal with the whole problem… The electrical came about, when we moved the portable a/c to the Creative Space, and operated it while the DH was working in his shop below. Either there are not enough circuits or they are under size.

So what does my new space look like? From the entry… you can see the first room and the entry to the second room. The space is blue, actually 2 colors of blue and the lighting is 2 ceiling fans, (but those new LED Cool White lights are so much better…than florescent!!!


from here on the right, is a closet on the same wall as the door, and on the left a wall full of shelves, a cutting table, and some bookshelves and you can see the door way to the other half of the space that is mine.


Looking at the wall of shelves. I decided, after putting all of the fabric on the shelves in Virginia, that I like all of my fabric on view and most my crap hidden. On the top are bits of art work and gifts from quilty friends and family and my postcards!

Last is looking back toward the entry…


From the entry to the second room


again on the right is a closet and there window is directly across from the door, (you can see the a/c unit). I have a sewing station set up in this room…. with a cutting table too. This cutting table and the dresser (under the TV), we have had for 20 years and were a dark stained pine. So I decided that I wanted them white. So I spent about 10 days priming and painting both.


The design wall, TV and desk are all on the wall opposite the sewing station. I also moved a small section of our office furniture in, to house a computer and a printer. None of the walls are full height except the end ones…. so I am a little limited on wall space.

and lastly looking all the way back to the entry.


So far I like my space!!! I have finished a Challenge and have the other Challenge ready to quilt and as of today, a good start on 2 gifts and a piece for the Creative Space!!!

Have an questions about what you see in any of the pictures?

More Later-Beth