Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our House

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the inside this time. These are all from the real estate brochure, so the furniture is not mine. Besides, mine won’t be delivered for another week or two. I’m not going to be in a huge hurry, since tomorrow our stuff from South Africa will be delivered. Looking forward to cooking with a complete assortment of utensils, pans and dishes!!! I had planned to make a chili for supper last night, but realized that I would be cooking in an aluminum pot- an that does not go well with tomatoes. So I switched gears and made Sloppy Joes in a non-stick skillet I purchased for cooking in the hotel. BTW- a note about cooking Sloppy Joes, it tastes just fine if you don’t have vinegar and make it anyway!!! Because of US Customs rules and regulations, bringing food into the US is difficult, I have to rebuild my pantry. Its amazing how many things you keep on the shelf that you don’t think about not having…. like white vinegar!

The house is 4 level, almost 5 because the garage and laundry are on a level of their own level. On the main level, we have the Living room, dinning room, family room and the kitchen as well as a half bath.

The interior is very formal. I will have to order some window coverings for the living room. I don’t know how anyone every lived in this house without some privacy! This was a model home…. when built, so the curtains at the front windows are just for show, they don’t close. I will be ordering some top down-bottom up honeycomb shades for these windows. Light plus privacy.Lroom

The dining room is next to the living room, and shares a fire place with the family room. I doubt we will ever use the fire place… because its gas, and well not for heat… on the other hand, it lights with just the flick of a switch… may have to rethink that!!!


The kitchen has some cool cabinets, very tall. The best feature if you ask me is the gas range!!! I have missed gas cooking. The second best feature is a cast iron sink that is deep and a disposal! I still find myself scraping plates into the trash, though. It will take some retraining. The cabinets are Brazilian Cherry as is the floor. It will show all the dust and dog hair.


The family room is also minus some window covering- there is a huge sliding glass door that leads out to the deck. The room is not huge, but it will do for when we want to stay in the same space…. and not go to our own project/hobby rooms/level!

On the bedroom level, there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms… nothing really special… well there is another fire place in the master bedroom.

On the lowest level is another family room. It also has a bathroom and a sliding glass door. Eventually a small concrete patio, will be put out there, for the dogs to land on when finished with morning and late night business. We are in the process of getting a fence, but that will take a bit of time too. We have an HOA, so everyone has to sign off on it. There is a 1/2 flight of stairs going down to it, and this picture was taken from the top. And yes that is fireplace #3.

rec room

The last and best space is the Loft! It is at the top of the house and is my sewing space. It is quite large and has lots of built in shelves, a walk in closet and a bathroom. All I need is a refrigerator and tea kettle and I could stay up there all day!


This picture was taken at the 2/3 point in the space. Just to the right is the stairway down and the last full bathroom in the house. To the left is the walk in closet, behind the photographer is an office area with glass French doors and more built in shelves! The window seat next to the bed will be removed so I have all the wall and floor space. Besides it is not really comfortable for seating. The table will become the cutting and all other things area… It’s at a good height and I have 2 stools that will fit the table height.

In the end, we will put a sleeper sofa in the lowest room and a futon up in the loft to accommodate any overflow guests. We haven’t tested the full capacity of the water heater yet… but I’m sure it could be managed.

More Later- Beth