Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This and That!

Once again its been more than a month since I posted on the blog. Sometimes I wonder where all the time goes, and then I look back, and just the big stuff sucks up lots of the time.  The ‘new’ knee for the DH is almost completely healed and he is almost done with Physical Therapy. He is young for a replacement and has sailed through the rehab. The only issues is some restless leg stuff and a gait adjustment, which will take time. We have joined a Fitness Club (otherwise known as a gym)… to help his continued rehab and my physic… and our overall mobility as we age. I have been wearing a Fitbit since June and I move much more than I would have thought, but I still eat more than I burn… in calories… so a little more work… and maybe a little less eat…

Of course the preparations for Christmas, also took a few extra hours… around here. Not that I went over board with the decorations or the the tree. But it was a enough for us. Santa was quite generous again this year. I have been wanting a Vitamix. I have a blender and a food processor, but there are some things that the Vitamix  just does better. So this morning I gave it a chance to turn a bunch of fruits and veggies into something tasty. It was not perfect, but close. A trip to the grocery… and we have everything we need for something tasty tomorrow.

We are just coming up on the 6 month mark for the move to 
Kentucky and completing the adjustments to the house, that we think will make living here
easier. The kitchen is large with counter and cabinets around the perimeter and nothing in the middle.
To fix that we built an island and had a top made of granite.

It was installed on Wednesday. It does not match the rest of the kitchen. We wanted it to look like a furniture, and are thinking about how we want to remodel the kitchen a little later. I am really going to like the extra counter space. 

I have also done some rearranging and reorganizing of our basement storage space. Much of what needed to go into the storage area, was in the main basement space, and we needed to get it all together and packed up. I spent a week doing that, so now it is Done Done Done. Now this space is ready for a new job.

Stairs Down
Looking back toward stairs
From stairs to the other end

Stay tuned for the next installment of ‘the room’, on the other hand if you've been on Facebook, you know why!!! I tried to post this several times, but once again their has been a software change that is not compatible with the programs I use.

More later - Beth