Sunday, December 30, 2018

November in Kentucky!

In November we had a small ice storm. Maybe not so much of an ice storm as a freezing rain thing. We got about a quarter of an inch... The result was some great looking vegetation.
Iced Ornamental Crabapples

Iced Ford

Iced Silver Maple Leaves

Iced Oak Leaves

Iced Pine

Iced Knockout Rose

Iced Faced Knockout Rose 

Iced Silver Maple buds
I think my favorites are the Crabapples, the Oak Leaves, and the Ford! 

Do you have a favorite?

More Later, (but hopefully a bit sooner than 6 months!!!)


Monday, December 3, 2018

New Header Image

I changed the header image.

One I took in 2013 at Arlington National Cemetery.

For me the wreaths against the headstones is both a celebration and sorrow.

Thank you for your service


Merry Christmas

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Few More Flowers

I guess I forgot to post part 2 of the flowers from the recent outing. 

Thistles are so interesting an all phases …. from buds to full bloom- so many textures and shapes. They never fail to surprise me.


And since it was the sunflowers that drew my attentions to the whole excursion…


One with a bee! Sunflowers are another that never fails to keep me interested. Always…. bright and sunny with lots of friends visiting… birds, bees, grasshoppers and butterflies.

More Later! Beth
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Its been a few minutes since posting any pictures here…

After a long winter and a very unusually cool spring… hot and steamy summer is HERE! 74 degrees out at 5 am and humid.

I noticed yesterday that one of the highway department fields had been planted with safflowers and had just started to bloom. I have missed my walks and the Kentucky DOT provides such a nice opportunity… and as luck would have it the city has a small Arboretum next door, that has improved steadily since moving here (3 years ago this month).

The flowers….


A Zinnia, I love the 2 colors (3 if you count the orange band between yellow and pink/purple)


Not sure what flower this is…



this one is my favorite!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dead of Winter

It is Winter.
Feels like Chicago outside.
Looks like it too.

We've had some ice and some snow.... more of one than the other (that would be the good news!!!)

We live in Robin wintering country. Last year I saw all the robins flocking.... and sitting in the trees.... Caught a couple sitting in the Maple tree in the back, taken through the window upstairs.

This fellow was facing the sun.... you can see some snow melt ice on the tree branch.

All the robins are puffing up and scrunching down on their feet while perching in the trees.

We got a little ice too. Pyracantha in the winter is always dramatic!

 More Later- Beth