Friday, May 27, 2016

Some Camera Time

Since the fall I have not had much time with the camera.... and when I have taken some time, I have not been happy with the results.... but finally with spring... things come to life and call me to see.

I found this field last week and made a point of going back with the camera in hand! I think later in the summer it will be full of sunflowers. 

I was surprised that there were poppies! Our first visit here, did not bring us past this field and when my trips around town... did bring me along this road, it was in full Sunflower bloom!

There were so many blooms and interesting looking flowers.... that it was difficult to pick just a few.... A flower and the remains of a flower...

I will make a point of coming back when the sunflowers are blooming, because they are so pretty and happy and yellow!!!

More Later!!!


Friday, May 20, 2016

A Little Late

Whoops…. If I was planning to at least post every 30 days…. I have failed. Although if I had planned to post once a month…. I am still on track!!!
It often just seems like nothing really changes here…. And pictures… well not always as interesting as one might think they are.

Things have been GOOD here.

I was a winner, not once but twice in recent weeks.

First in March I received an Altos Quilt Cut II!!! What an exciting win and totally unexpected. I left a comment on a FB Page…. And the next thing I know I was notified that I won. It has taken a while to find some time to use it! But lets just say my strips have NEVER been straighter or more accurate than the ones I have cut with this tool. So far all I have spent time doing is the strips and a couple of simple sub cuts. It came with a whole book of patterns, in different sizes and the cutting instructions, but quite frankly, I have been very busy with just the need for strips.

Its difficult to see, but I have some white on white fabric laid up to cut. I did discover that the smaller Olfa seems to work best!

Win #2 was a 2 yard piece of hand dyed fabric and some Misty Fuse from Vicki Welsh of Colorways. It was a celebration of her new combined store and blog launch, I have a few pieces of her hand dyes but like almost all of the hand dyed fabrics I have, I have not been able to cut into them!!! I recently started reading her blog regularly, because she has an Innova Longarm, and teaches a beginners class for the machine…. Any way I love hand dyes, and left a comment, and well, someday I will have to cut the fabric!!! But not just yet.

So I have indeed been a very lucky quilter!!!

More Later- Beth