Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dateline: Southbend, IN

I have been quiet the last week or so because I was busy. Busy packing for a trip home. So no pictures to go with this post. I'll have to work on figuring out getting some pictures .... We arrived late yesterday, after a long long long 34 total hours of travel!!!! Some might think that sleeping in a bed would be the best thing after all those hours, but no we both agree hat the hot shower was the best! We squeeked under the weight allowance by 6 pounds! Going home will be a little different, although much of my shopping will be shipped home by mail. I started the shopping..... the dogs so far are the big winners. The dog products/toys in South Africa are much more expensive and finding toys large enough has been difficult. So today I found them a Kong Toy, a chew ring and a Nylabone. I saw a couple of other things for them, but I want to check the other major pet retailers first. I wandered around Target, but didn't spend much, and the same was true at Marshall's. The only other thing was a US phone. I just needed a SIM card so I could use my iPhone. So I picked up a pay as you go phone and some minutes.... I'm back in communication! I also got another memory card for my camera. Another nice thing is fast Internet. We are reveling in fast downloads. I have been downloading Apps and programs for the Xoom! Some were unavailable from a foreign ISP, like the Nook App, well I can't think of any others at this moment. So what's up next? Walmart, Home Depot, Jo-anns, Michaels, and any other store that looks interesting. Today I am meeting with my old Quilting Bee....I foresee lots of hugs and laughing today! As always more later! Beth (sorry no photos, blog posting on the tablet.... is not as easy as I would have thought)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2011

I always intend to be a part of this… The Bloggers Quilt Festival, but never get around to doing the post… something comes up or I don’t have a picture of the quilt… or… well I just procrastinate right past the deadline… and I almost did it again. (edit- there are over 500 entries in the BQF, and as much as I would like to visit each and everyone and comment on them.... there just isn't enought time in my day, THANKS for stopping by).

I have already posted about this quilt, but it is special!!!
It was intended for my 1st niece as a baby quilt, but then things changed and quilting took a back seat. It was also a UFO project for this year and one I did manage to complete on time! I have slacked off on the UFO project… I guess I am not motivated, but there is always 2012.
So, back to this quilt,  I am also posting it because I will be handing it over to my sister, to give to her oldest daughter, which also happens to be my 1st niece.

A quick recap of the quilts life… a pattern adapted from a Judy Martin book and begun in Paradise CA in 1988. The top was completed and the hand quilting begun and this is where one of the side tracks happened. The cross hatching did not meet up the way it should have on the last corner of the center and I didn’t know what went wrong… and I moved to San Diego, where I didn’t have the space or time to quilt, and add to that a misdiagnosed tendonitis as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…


In 2002 a move to Nebraska, where a sewing space was available and a decision on fixing the middle was made and the completion of hand quilting in the center. In one of the moves, the stencil for the cable on the last border was discarded… so that was the next hurdle. Found a close match. Then a move to Chicagoland where it languished again… In 2011 I joined Patchwork Times UFO Challenge to get some UFO’s done. And it is done and soon to be united with its owner.

Thanks for stopping by- More later-Beth