Friday, December 25, 2020

The Road

I took a walk down the road from the house... on the road after us, there are only 2 other places... I thought the road looked so inviting. It makes me wonder about what might be beyond the bend?

As long as we are talking about roads.  Early one morning on my way to the big town, (Elizabethtown), I found a traffic jam. Yep, this commuter traffic in the country.

And something I did see around that bend in the road. A neighbors tractor. Do you see a face on the front of it?

There is another tractor in a barn up the road. I need to take the camera with me ... to get that tractors portrait. However, it will have to wait until spring. Today it is flaking some snow and about 15° outside and the wind chill is taking that to about 2°! 

I hope you have a nice Christmas and that the New Year is a boring one, so that we can fill it with our own excitement and joy!!!