Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Color!

The fall in Kentucky was slow…. Starting. One of the maples didn’t do much in the way of turning before dropping leaves, but the other…had some very nice reds and yellows, which are nearly all gone now. I did manage a few minutes at the little local lake… and thought I’d share.

Color! Just 2 red and yellow.


Color… across the pond, really a small pond.


A bunch of trees…. With some color


Almost a 2 color, brown and yellow and a bit of green.


Many trees are bare, and those that aren’t will be soon, as the wind patterns start to change and the wind begins blowing from the north, the oaks will finally let go of their dried brown leaves.

And Linzi! She is almost 6 now.


Enjoy these final crisp breezy days…. More later, Beth