Friday, May 22, 2015

Whats Changed?

So the rooms in the last post don’t look like that anymore. They have all been emptied and put on a truck. The townhouse sold in 4 days. We only showed 4 or 5 times and an open house … and by day 6 had a full price offer. So we are now 5 weeks later and are ‘homeless’ for a few more days.

FR-empty LR-empty

Tuesday the movers showed up and loaded all our stuff onto a truck in about 6 hours. Wednesday I cleaned the place and Thursday we were on the road headed west. No pictures … because we took 2 cars and mine was loaded… 2 dogs and a U-haul trailer. After driving all day we arrived, and were exhausted. We had a wet drizzly drive… all day. Good for the dogs in the car and very good for the plants in the trailer.


Yep, going to be living in Kentucky…. We picked Kentucky for a couple of reasons. It is below the frigid snow line of northern IL, green with hills and trees, DH is from here and my roots are about 2 hours north in Ohio. We spent a fruitless weekend looking near/around the Paducah KY area, but nothing there that fit our needs. We returned home, regrouped and went back to the Louisville area. Found a place… and put in an offer… and then the struggles began. It is not fun selling 2 houses and buying another all at the same time! I don’t ever want to do that again.

We close on the new place next week and the furniture and goods will be delivered a few days later.

Today we had a free day, as we waited for things to start shaking out.


This lake is about a mile from the house. Walking distance for sure. It has a walking trail all the way around (7 miles of trails)… but it will be nice for the dogs. The lake allows fishing, and non-motor boats, has picnic pavilions, paddle boats, docks and a fenced dog parks.

There is an old historic home on the grounds… might prove a good place for some flower pictures. But I saw this little thing sunning herself… took a quick snap with the phone. She is resting against the blue ….


And there appears to be barn quilts every where… this is also at the lake!


Ok… all for now, but More Later!