Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Quilting

I am still busy with playing on the longarm!!! That might be.... the anthem for the year, Still Playing on the Longarm... I'm sure there is a beat for that.

I have had a couple of more finishes. Out of order....

Quilt #9 off the longarm is a quilt destined for the Veterans. It is a lap quilt. There is a Permanent Veterans Home opening in the area later this year. I have offered to quilt tops destined for a Charity for free for the 2 guilds I belong to. This was the first of many Charity Quilts.  I chose an E2E with loops and stars that is not too dense and will leave the quilt nice and soft. I used a Signature variegated top and a green Omni in the bobbin. I don't have a picture of the completed quilt. I gave it back the maker the same week for binding. She gave me another to quilt.

The other, #8 is a large quilt. The top I made in January, a Guild mystery project. I have decided to name it "Paseo Caliente" and it is 80x80. It contains a couple of firsts for me too. My first Mystery and my first Precut Project!- I used a Jelly Roll, I chose a Kaffe.... collective (it was labeled all Kaffe, but I know a couple of the prints are not his) for the low contrast which will usually ensure a project that will turn out... even if your fabric choices were not the best! Me I like it, and if I get tired of the front.... the back is just as nice!!! Quilted E2E with an orange Glide thread top and an red Omni in the bobbin.

I think I like the back nearly as much as the front.

#7 Was a Winnie the Pooh Panel.... that I picked up at a quilt shop at a clearance price. I wanted to practice with a ruler. It did not turn out bad.... but not something I really want to show. The ruler came with an accessories pack I purchased with the LA. It was not what I expected, because the description I had of the package was mostly threads, but I somehow wound up with a ruler. It has a channel in the center... but I was having some difficulty.... getting up/down the channel smoothly. I have since discovered that the foot is a bit tight and it is not just me! Why did they include this ruler? and I also discovered that the panel.... printing was not even.... why did I ever think it would be. They NEVER are!!! But it was very inexpensive.... and it only needed a scrap of batting and a backing.... It will make a small person happy. No photo.

I have been staying busy making some tops as well!!! I was the president of a guild a long time ago .... way back in 1989.... could have been 1990. The guild membership back then was at about a 100 consistently and I served for 2 years and before that I was the VP. The guild would most often purchase a gift for the out going president, but we had a small quilt show that year and the show committee decided to have a block challenge, little did I know... that it was to make blocks to give to me. I was stunned. I am just now getting them into a top. Well several tops!!! The pile of blocks numbered more than 40! So far I have 2 tops done.... and number 3 is on the wall. It has proved a bit challenging, to find fabrics to blend. All I have found are solids.... so that is what I am using to set the tops. This is a photo of most of the blocks on the wall for sorting.... Of course they are various sizes.... around 12.5 inches square and 95% are hand pieced with various levels of expertise. I think I  have done all of those ladies a disservice by not making these into a top... sooner. Many of the makers are gone, although the guild is still around.

I am off to sew something!

More Later- Beth