Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Stuff….

The new here is …. the DH (Dear Husband) had a new knee installed a couple of weeks ago…. No pretty pictures to go with that… In the meantime I have stuck pretty close to him and home. But he progresses daily, and soon it will all be a memory.

I have been working on some small projects. The first was a challenge put out by one of my new guilds -9 Patchers. We were told to select a magazine from the back table and to choose one of the published patterns for our inspiration. We were to take that pattern and make it our own. When we revealed the quilt, we were to bring along the inspiration pattern to display with the quilt. This was my inspiration pattern, from Quilters World 2010, called the Road to Kansas.


I suspect I should have named mine the Road to Kentucky, but alas, the name of the Challenge was “Just Do It”, so I named mine ‘Just Do It- with ZEST! I wonder why?


I also made some additional ‘Letter’ Quilts. Mostly because I will be teaching it to the guilds here, and figured I had better know more about what I am doing…. So I made the Letter “C” and gifted it. The whole thing…. Did not want to be made. Gave me fits and starts from the beginning, it was only about 11x14 inches, but I nearly scrapped it several times. But the recipient will like it regardless of the difficulties it presented.

These letters are all done with Free Motion.


I also made the Letter “S” which has also been shipped but I don’t know if it was received, yet. Approximately 16 x 20.


And lastly this Letter “L” quiltlet (about 12 x 12 inches) for a quilter named Lorie, as a thank you. Just as I was moving… a member of the Virginia guild gifted me with her dyes and books. I of course thought when she asked if I wanted them, I figured it was going to be a little of this and a few of those…. kinda stuff. NO way! It was dyes, and paints and books and much of the paraphernalia that goes with fabric dying. Very generous. I might almost miss Chicago and the snow, but I am hoping we will get a couple of inches… a few times over the winter down here in Kentucky so I can play with snow and ice dyeing…. Well or maybe just some fun making my own …. Colored fabrics!


And we fall back an hour this coming Sunday. Hooray! Next up some local color pictures.

More Later-Beth