Monday, November 30, 2020

Fall 2020

I never think to post to this blog, or the pictures need to be edited... or I can't find them... But I am going to write several and at least post something monthly. Mostly pictures, because I have taken so many that I have not shared since moving to rural Kentucky. 

As usual, I have focused on the neighborhood, which is pretty much, all nature and well I haven't gone anywhere in a year.

There are fields and forests and little open areas, a creek, a dirt road, some dilapidated buildings old tractors, lots of interest if you care to look!

I'm going to kick this off with fall color. When we moved out here and I saw the field across the road, I knew there would be some great fall color... just not last year. Between the drought, the fall rains, and then the cold, the leaves pretty much just fell off the trees.

The only color in 2019 and most of the leaves are gone

This year's better weather conditions gave us some great Kentucky fall color.

Even on a cloudy day the colors glow

The other side of the field on a little brighter day

As you may know by now, the pond is my favorite place. 

The road side of the pond and dam, looking back toward the creek

A little volunteer Bradford Pear, with great color this year.

This little Bradford Pear was strangling under a heavy layer of vining Honeysuckle. We cut some of the honeysuckle vines off and gave it a little taste of Roundup and we got a nice bit of color from the Bradford Pear this year. I can see that there is another smaller one down the dam hill a bit further too.

Late in the day the field across the road

One late afternoon I caught the slanting rays of the sun low in the sky over the trees. You can see that the tops of most of the trees are bare.

So, that was fall this year in color. I love all of the seasons. Fall is not my favorite all the time, just right now.