Monday, September 19, 2016

Birds and Feathers

I am always looking at birds.... and of course intrigued by feathers by extension.

Another flat.... bird, actually the second this year.

And the other

I found this feather last year walking around the local city park and lake.

I found these feathers a few days ago... on the window. Now we know how we keep getting these addle brained birds at the feeder. These feathers are from a House Finch, the longest feather is about 1/2 inch long.

From inside.

This one was taken from outside.

and as long as we are talking about critters, this fellow spent most of  the summer under the bird feeder. Not sure where he is now, tho.

Monday, September 5, 2016

More Sunflowers

And here I was afraid of overloading a post with sunflowers. I'm afraid.... I am going to overload the Internet and/or blogger with sunflowers.

I took a ride to Lexington KY a week or so ago, a friend is involved with dog rescue so we drove over to evaluate and rescue a lovely beautifully well behaved boy. I even considered adopting him myself, but really just not quite ready for a new dog. 

Anyway, on the way we found these. I made a return trip to the sunflowers, and may again before the season is over. These were still relatively young.... and still a few to open...

Lots of bumble bees and skippers visiting

This was my favorite, it was growing like a dinner plate....