Monday, May 25, 2020

New Residents at the Farm

So we are growing... getting to the point where we can really start to be a farm in more ways than just land with a barn and fences.

So, speaking of farm... we need a name for the farm... we've tried out a few things, but nothing sticks. Any suggestions??? We're listening.
Visiting Guests

We have some guests here. Our neighbors have 3 goats. They were in a temporary pen, that as goats do, they figured out how to escape. Not just one, but all 3. Our little pasture is securely fenced so we offered it for a temporary safe place for them to stay. We had an ulterior motive, in that we were hoping they would chew the pasture down and we wouldn't have to mow it. They have been here for about 6 weeks and are doing a poor job of it and we have had to mow once and may have to mow again. In their defense, they are rather small and it is a big pasture!
Manicured Pasture

We have added new residents! We have 2 of the three new residents in place. They arrived on Tuesday, May 12th, and were estimated to weigh about 25 pounds +/-. 
Piggie Ann

Iggy Piggy

Yes, they have names. I named them after people that do NOT hold a special place in my heart, and it just worked out. Actually, the names came to me while we were waiting for the house to become ours. The female is "Piggie Ann" and the male is "Iggy Piggy". The names are pretty close to their human names so they fit and roll off the tongue easily. If you prefer they have second names too. Pork Chop and Boston Butt!!!

Good Friends and security

Taste Test

It has turned into summer this weekend. It is a holiday weekend for the working people and for us, it means to stay home. Too many take "holiday" to mean a free for all and anything goes if it is fun. Often to include being ill-mannered, heavy drinking, crowds, and poor judgment. Just best to stay at home! I hope you have/had a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

In the coming-soon department: we have another resident due here in a week or so. We've met him and he's got a name too! I'm going to keep that quiet... for a few more days... it'll give me something to talk about later.

More Later! Beth

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Got a bit off track... Not enough time to get everything done... and then how much longer it takes to get anything done... But enough complaining.

Spring in the country and in a woodland forest is fabulously different than in a peopled area. So, far not so much the critters as it is the flora. Every time I take a walk in the woods here, I find a new to me flower- or one I am happy to know grows here.

The Spring Beauty

The Spring Beauty has flowers smaller than a dime at fully open and has been blooming since late March in many locations in the woods

Cutleaf Toothwart

A wildflower that also has very small flowers, when fully opened and is a dappled sun plant that grows best in the forest floor mulch. Pretty much done for the season, but I still find a small stand in hidden areas.

Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)
In the lawn under a big Maple tree in the front I found these. Hundreds of them. I was missing the natural volunteers in the lawn at the Etown house when these started popping up.

Rue Anenome
These are down near the big creek at the back of the property. 

Pear Tree Blossoms

A very large and overgrown pear tree (not necessarily wild) is the only fruiting tree on the property. It had millions of beautiful blooms, which were pollinated and did begin to produce fruit, but sadly we had a late freeze and the little starts all shriveled off. Not that, the very overgrown tree had any big fruit ... It will need to be severely trimmed back this fall if we want anything larger than 2 bites.
Woodland Ferns
Having spent many of my summers in the forest of coastal Northern California, I kind of expect the forest floor to be covered in deep shade loving ferns. While the oak canopy does create shade, it is nothing like the deep cool shade in the redwood forests.

Wild Blue Phlox
The Wild Blue Phox was a neat surprise, especially when I stumbled upon a big yellow Swallowtail visiting. 

One of the scenes I love is this view up the road toward home on the way back from a walk to the end of the road.

What have you discovered in your own backyard this spring?

More Later! Beth