Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And now we can get back to sewing!

A couple of new birds… have visited since the last post… a Stellars Jay, a pair of House Finches and a pair of Cardinals!!! I also heard a Wood Pecker yesterday (banging somewhere on my deck), but I did not see it.

The sewing space has been completed. I cannot believe how much more open and less congested it feels now that the ledge is gone! I have to thank my Dear Brother in Law (DBIL) that lives nearby for donating his time and expertise in getting rid of the space waster!!!

The beginning - We tore out the drywall that was covering the ledge and the supporting 2x4’s…. and were left with this.


and the middle -DBIL installed the new drywall, taped, mudded and sanded.


I then painted the wall and trim, then baseboard was in installed.

This is the ledge (with the ironing board on it) and now it is gone!



I love how much more open it feels. I opted to just patch the carpet… instead of replacing all of it. Now I can create with abandon and worry less about any messes I make… and consider replacing the carpet when we leave. I have moved all the sewing machines back to the original positions and the new empty wall will become the design wall.

I have been busy already and will share that next!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


The weather says its still winter, but I’m thinking that spring can’t be too far away. None of the pictures are mine, I haven’t been able to take any decent pictures through the windows.
I put out some bird seed and have been attracting birds. My first visitors was a pair of Dark Eyed Juncos, which have told their neighbors on either side, so there are now more than 2 showing up daily.
And of course there are the ever present Sparrows -once the word gets out there is lots of food, come in droves. I like to listen to them chirping…and watch them hopping about eating.
I have also seen 2 birds that are new to me. One is the Tufted Titmouse. Such pretty little birds, and quite shy. The little bit of yellow and rosy pink are such a nice treat out the window.

The other new bird for me was the Carolina Wren. Such a cute spry looking little bird. The do have a stern look about them, and I think when I see it… it is thinking about scolding me for peeping at him out the window.
And a surprise was seeing a Black Capped Chickadee on the bird feeder yesterday morning. I heard him first and too a look. He didn’t stay long though. I have heard their voice in the bushes, just hadn't seen one.
And last but not least I saw not one, but 2 robins. One yesterday and one today. I think that is a sure sign that Spring is on its way!!!!
More later!  Beth