Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's HERE!

The wooden crate on the truck.

Our House Hold Goods arrived about 2 weeks ago. They arrived on a Monday. They sent 5 young men to unload the truck. One fellow was very tall, compared to the rest of us, but couldn’t have weighed a buck fifty soaking wet holding large rocks!!! I had them unload everything into the garage. The truck held lots of remembered items… Amazing how much I forgot we had coming. As you can see all the goods are boxed and then placed in huge crates. We had 4 of the wooden crates, and our total weight was well under the 7200 pounds allowed.


The garage with only 2 crates emptied.

The house is not large enough to bring everything inside, so just the few items of furniture and the bed were carted in. In order to put our bed in the Main (master) bedroom, the Queen Sleigh bed had to be moved to the guest room. I spent a few days getting the main things unpacked. The kitchen, books, bathroom, bedrooms and remaining clothes unpacked. I immediately made up our bed so we could sleep on it first thing!!! When you are used to king bed, a queen is quite small!!! Once all the “personal stuff” boxes were out of the garage, it didn’t make a dent!!! The rest was the sewing room.

The Go Away bird... as listed in the Sasol Birds of South Africa

Aside from the bed and other personal items, one of the things I missed having were area/throw rugs. While tile is easy care… sweep and mop; they can be cold and slippery… So having some rugs to catch the dirt, protect the feet and allow the dogs some traction is a very good thing.

This is the same tree as the bird is in. The
flowers produce these long pods,
which will produce more trees.

Some of the other good things are Chocolate Chips… Although I had to waste some of them -learning a lesson here. DH loves Blondies, (light bar cookie with Chocolate Chips and nuts, similar to a brownie). So I made a batch for him, well really I wanted to take them to 2 group meetings, but needed to check the recipe for high altitude cooking. And just as I thought, I needed to adjust the recipe. So I proceeded to make another batch. Upon measuring out the flour discovered a little friend. So the half made batch and the already baked batch went into the trash. So I still owed the DH a batch of Blondies…. which I made and they turned out beautifully. I will now put the flour and other grain products into the freezer for 5 days, before opening, should take care of the little bugs in the future.

Amaryllis bloom- love the
lime green at the center.

Another good thing is having my kitchen here. It is amazing the items we become used to using to cook with. I missed having more than 2 of plates, cups and bowls. I missed glass measuring cups, I missed a whole drawer full of silverware, and I really missed glass mixing bowls and rubber spatulas, wire whisks, metal measuring spoons and the list goes on.

The last good thing is my sewing room. It used to be a studio, but now it’s a sewing room. I have had to cram about ¾ of my supplies that I used to keep in a roughly 450 square foot space into less than 150 square feet. I had to send my design mattress back to the warehouse. I needed the space. Now I don’t have a design wall and I am at a loss. I have been thinking a lot about the accordion folded foam core insulation, approximately 1/2” x 4’ x 8’ pink. I saw it at one of the big box home improvement stores. But now I can’t remember which one!!!  Maybe someone can check for me… at Menards or Home Depot or Lowes… and tell me the cost.

The Volunteer Rose -
growing in the garden.

The Garage now has lots of boxes and packing paper… waiting for someone to come and take them away. Who I don’t know yet but I am just about tired of waiting… The 2 flowers are just that, 2 flowers...


      As always.... More Later!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Another "GO" post

I think I mentioned somewhere recently that  I have decided that I want an Accuquilt GO!! One way is to try and win one... so far no luck there... so to increase my chances I have actually even blogged about blogger's having Accuquilt Giveaways.

So, once again... to increase my odds (HA!), I'm adding another blog... about the Accuquilt Go.

Go to Badlands Quilts and check out her blog. Karen has been a very busy begginner... Well that is what her Blog Header says, but I did a little surfing her blog and pages... and I think she needs to change the header!!

Do yourself a favor and give her blog a spin... it's a nice place to stop in Blogland!

More later-


Saturday, October 9, 2010

A trip to Rwanda

My husband spent the last week of August and the month of September in Rwanda working. He and several others did some interviews in the rural areas and back to the Capital of Tagali Kigali for the weekends, where they wrote reports and had laundry done.

From Tagali Kigali to the rural area, Butare was maybe 30 miles, but the road was in poor condition and only 2 lanes, one each way and you had to share it with ox/donkey carts/wagons and pedestrians, so the drive would take up to 3 hours one way.

Rwanda is country that has been through a civil war Genocide, so much of the infrastructure has been damaged or in some places nonexistant. Acutally Rwanda, is a very poor country and doesn't have much infrastructure to begin with. Roads, buildings, elecrical supplies, are sporatic to say the least. So in the back country many of the villages and homes are without electricity or running water, and the people don't have much in the way of possessions or wealth.

So my husband tried to have something for the children... a soccer ball, that the driver was in charge of. The driver would show the kids soccer (like coach) while they did their work. It gave the driver something to do, and the kids something to look forward to after school and homework! Or he had sweets (candy) and when he discovered ink pens were the most valued - PENS!!!

One afternoon, he had his iPhone with him, (more like iTouch when you don't have a carrier for phone signal). The kids have not seen video or digital pictures.So in the first picture he is playing a video for them of Ozzie Osborne and in the second it's just the kids faces. Just look at the wonder on them!!! Nevermind the damage to their ears from listening to Ozzie...

(I have edited the text for errors and misspellings. Low Speed Internet made it nearly impossible to do any research on Rwanda while DH was gone. Kept locking up the computer.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Accuquilt Giveaway from Alderwood Quilts

(once again. While we thought we were on High Speed Internet... it was only temporary. It seems there are still some problems on our phone line... so back to slow and expensive wireless... for now.)

So since things here are so slow -I thought I would send you to a blog.... that is hosting a Giveaway. I have of course signed up... in all the ways possible... including posting on my blog about it... too.

go to Alderwood Quilts

for your opportunity...

to Win an Accuquilt Go and 3 Dies

and if you don't really want it... sign up and if you win.... I'll trade you something(s) from South Africa for it. I want one!!!

If not then check out Alderwood Quilts blog.... about her farm (lavender) on Oregon, her quilts and quilting and family... (kids and dogs)....

and for now... that's all, but there will be

More Later!!!!