Monday, November 23, 2009

Slowing Down

So, is the housework done? No. I have found very little ambition to clean; although I did stay home more last week. It was sort of forced on me. In what dimension does a house with 2 cars have them both develop mechanical problems- not just on the same day but in the same place on the road? Fortunately neither car was crippled enough to have to call a tow truck, but both had to go to the shop. The only other big outing was a bee meeting. They are always fun and entertaining.

Being stuck at home means I got more done… in the sewing room, (not in the housekeeping department). I am in the midst of making a baby quilt, which of course didn’t start with a plan… and needed more fabrics… but I have the top done, and now needs to be layered and quilted. Once again I have to decide on the quilting pattern. Don't forget, if you want to see more in a photo, just click on it and it will open in a new window larger.

After bee the other day, I was a mere ½ mile from a nice – but expensive quilt shop; so I stopped there. I have been wanting to make a jacket… quilted of course, but I saw a pattern that would look perfect made up in one of the fabrics I brought back from South Africa. So I whipped it up too. I wish I had made a sample first… some of the construction is a bit odd, and I would have altered it to be lined and/or quilted. Oh, well next time. I did alter the pattern a little. It is designed to be worn buttoned, but I liked it better open. So I took the placket and buttonhole loops off. Next time… I will at least face the front from the shoulder seam to the hem… It would hang so much better and the need for a funky placket would be eliminated altogether. While there, I also found the perfect fabric to back the baby quilt. It has a soccer theme to it, and since South Africa will be hosting the 2010 World Cup Soccer games, it is appropriate.

This week of course is the week of either harried preparation for Thanksgiving or traveling for the event. I shall be with my In-laws, as we are every year. Since DH is in South Africa, I will go without him. I will not be traveling far and only for the day. It’s a 2 hour drive each way and I will be leaving Axel at home, so I won’t be able to stay more than 4 or so hours. Weather is calling for our first snow on Thursday, but only flurries. I will be making a batch of Biscotti to take… not really sure if anyone besides a BIL really likes it… but I make it anyway. I LIKE it!

My next task is to find our small (fake) Christmas tree and prepare it for a journey to South Africa. It isn’t much, but I want DH to have something Christmasy in the condo… and if it doesn’t come back- no problem. It’s been around for at least a decade and has almost out lived it usefulness. I keep it in its own box with the lights left attached. There is also a small box of ornaments that are just for the tree. Sometimes we just needed a little bit of Christmas, not the whole time consuming enchilada.

I hope all of you have a warm and happy Thanksgiving and that you have more to be thankful for this year than last; that your list of blessings continues to grow.

More Later!!!


KarenS said...

Looks good -- love the new format. And that jacket is beautiful!
-karen in wi who LOVES biscotti...

Anonymous said...

The jacket is beautiful, just love the fabrics - but don't quilt it, just line it or IMHO it will turn bulky.

Are you going to South Africa for Christmas or is the both of you deemed to celebrate it on your own? I just love the hippo in your sig but honey, I said this before and say it again - you are no amateur photographer!! Your pics are of such a high quality that it's amazing.
Hugs and Love from Sweden,

Glenda Kirkiridis said...

Hi Beth,
I am very curious as to where you bought your jacket as I make the fabric it was made from.
Glenda K.

Exuberant Color said...

I really like the combinations of the black and white in that quilt. It is very bubbly looking from a distance and then, the close up, it is great. I may just have to try that too. I have a lot of the positive/negative prints too, hmmmmm