Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye to South Africa

I am sitting in Pretoria, where we have spent nearly a week. Some for pure pleasure and some for work. I am preparing to leave South Africa for home, tomorrow. Tonight we fly back to Durban where I will finish my packing and preparations for the long flight home.

No pictures in this post, due to the very intermittent connection or very low connection speeds... like the highest has been 54Mbps... it would take a whole day just to upload a single photo...

I will land in O'Hare on Friday and I sure hope I step off the plane in the same shape as last time.... Ready to go all day.

So the next post will be my last week in South Africa and the my flight... home, and greeting my dog and cat.

More Later!!!

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Karen S said...

Travel safely -- we miss you too.