Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching up, again

Why do I wait so long to post to the blog? I could do something daily or every few days… but then I think something better will be happening…  I had some pictures ... of specific events to share but I can't find them... but my new lens (broke the 70-300 in the move) arrived and I played with it yesterday, so I added them here... and there in this post.

Last Friday I met with the local Piecemakers group! 6 of the ladies came plus the hostess. What a fun group of ladies, and like all groups there are varied interests. All of them are attached to the US Embassy, (several of them work there as well). All of us worked on our own projects and ate delicious treats prepared by our hostess, Agnes. We meet every Friday at different homes. Since I am not really driving, Jan came all the way down here to pick me up and then brought me home. I must say Jan has been more than generous in getting me out of the hotel and the 4 walls!!! I got much of my Snap Sack block pieced and this week cut out the other that I brought... the rest (10) will have to wait for the Sea Shipment to arrive in 3-6 months.

Speaking of shipments... our Air Shipment has been delayed.... and hasn't even left the states yet. There was a foul up in protocol, so while we are here... We really aren't here and without the announcement nothing else happens!!! No ID, NO house... no nutt'in!!! Hopefully this has been corrected by today and things can start moving forward.

We ventured out to the mall last Saturday for some specific items- Here the 'SIM chips/cards' in the phones need to be registered to help with cell phone theft issues. We had an unregistered 'SIM chip' in the old Blackberry (my phone). So we registered it.... long lines. We were wrestling with cracking/jailbreaking the iPhones, but because we did the iPhone update to 4.0 before we left... the jailbreak isn't available (yet). AT&T won't unlock the phones and neither will Apple, so you have to use a work around. Seems to me, that we should be allowed to use a piece of equipment, wherever we are and with which ever company we choose!!! So we are going to switch me to a Blackberry and try to sell our uncracked and slightly used iPhones... anyone interested in purchasing a 3GS iPhone? Send me an email.
(Photo is a street in Pretoria, no wonder driving is difficult, look at all the road signs).

Sunday, we went out to little town, (Dullstoom), in the country our friends took us too in January. It's about 2 hours away. I drove on the highway and into the town. It does take a little time to become used to driving on the RIGHT. To totally complicate the issue, in our car the (in some this isn't a problem), the wiper and turn signal arms have been reversed; so often I have the wipers going before I indicate I want to make a turn... but I am getting better with that. You must also change which lane you enter when making a right or left turn.... which can be very confusing unless you are following a car... the easiest way!!!

Monday and Wednesday were meetings at the Embassy for newcomers. There is a ton of information being disseminated... and no place or way to keep it organized!!! but we will muddle through. I forget what the meeting on Monday was about... so it must not have ranked very high on my remember list... Yesterdays was a Medical Briefing... what we need to know about the Med Unit in the Embassy, shots needed and where, and hospital and doctors in private practice here. Then a Security meeting that we were able to skip, we did it last week, then a Community Meeting where we learned about some of the social items... and then the HR meeting... most of it did not pertain to us... and was quite lengthy. (photo is an Ibis, they use the beak to find bugs in the dirt...)

Coming up is the Friday Piecemakers and a Wine & Cheese gathering at another Embassy members home, then on Saturday an Orientation Tour- Where we will get a ride around Pretoria.... It will get us out of the hotel for the DAY!!!

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Jean Etheridge said...

It sounds like you are on information overload. The Piecemakers group sounds like the perfect antidote to whatever else might be going on. All of the little things like registering your phone and simply driving down the street --plus not having your air shipment on schedule must be a bit overwhelming some days. I find that familiar sewing keeps my anxiety in check, so I hope it works for you as well.

Here in Alabama it is hot and humid, with temps in the upper nineties. How is your weather? Is your hotel at least comfortable?

I know what you mean about not blogging as often as you intend to. I am going to try to get a post up today. I got to go to the AQS quilt show one day this week -- so there is some news about that.

Take care,