Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catching You Up

Common Greater Scimitarbill-Juvenile
A quick update… while I have a few minutes…. Also I have taken a few photos… and again, in the backyard nothing to spectacular…. And sprinkled them about… for eye candy and blurbed about each at the end…. In case you really aren’t interested in the pictures.

I have been on the go for the last 2 weeks. Doing what exactly I’m not sure… and certainly nothing to blog about. Mostly it has been little things that have gotten in the way of doing things quickly. Like the dryer. Not that it is the model of efficiency… but it broke down and had to be repaired (sent out), it took 2 weeks to get it back. So laundry took lots of extra time.

face of a Mantis
Then I took on the role of ‘Sponsor’. You welcome a new person/family to Pretoria. Make sure the house is in order, or accommodations are ready (temporary housing or hotel), food in the fridge, TP, tissues, soap, etc. So the first few nights are at least comfortable. You make sure they know how to use the alarm, keys and doors too. Then once they are over the sleep deprivation, show them around… the grocery, dry cleaners, malls, etc. So I had several days or preparation. My first ‘sponsoree’ is a young lady and this is her first assignment. So I spent a couple of days doing Sponsor things… The Marine Ball is this weekend, and she managed to find a ticket (we are not going, more about that later), so of course I spent an afternoon dress hunting with her. We found a dress, and luckily for her, I know a thing or two about garment construction, and was able to make a minor adjustment to the bodice for a much better fit.

I also hosted 3 different quilty things at my house, last week. The first was my neighbor, Suzara. She has had me up to her home several times and taken me out and about as well; so I asked her to tea. We had a very nice couple of hours… Then I had offered to host one of the Wednesday groups I have been visiting on November 10th, but DH requested leave the same week I offered to host, so I had to trade. Then the Mission –Pretoria Piecemakers decided to be a part of the Embassy Craft Fair, so we got into gear and made a few things to sell. All the proceeds will go to charity. One of the Piecemakers hosted 2 sew days at her home (to make placemats) and I hosted the Friday at my house to work on them too. So I have been busy sewing. I have made about 40 purse tissue covers and 8 postcards. It was going to be 15 postcards, but time got away… however I have a few things done and ready for the sale!!!! I have to deliver those this morning. (edit... the Pretoria Piecemakers made R 1600 ($250) for the Boys Home at the Crafts Fair!!! Enough to buy the paint.)

Tissue Covers
In addition… not sure if I have mentioned it or not… but I have a job too. Although I have not started working yet. There are some, hurdles. I have to have a background check, which is in the process and finished the hiring package. I will be working part-time… 4 hours a day as a Logistician. The plan is I start on November 22nd.

Orange Canna

LINZY @ 6 months
So what am I going to do between now and then? We are going on our first ‘Holiday’ in South Africa!!! A little more than a week in Kruger National Park. A HUGE game reserve in South Africa, it only take a few hours to get there from here, Google Map , so we are planning to leave early and get to the park before noon. Axel and Linzy will be staying at the kennel. It's Linzy's first sleep away. Once in the park drive slowly…. Of course since we are in the summer months it will be warm, very warm as everyone keeps telling me. But we have booked into lodges that have A/C and the car does too. We want to see the park in both seasons, so next time we go we will plan for a winter trip.  Hopefully there will be pictures when I get back!

So for now… ciao, and there will be MORE later.

Dark Bird- Common Greater Scimitarbill, these are juveniles, they appear black, but when the sun shines on them they have a blue/violet color. The call is quite interesting when there is a large group…. Sort of a cackle and when a bunch call it is very loud. Not the best photo, but these birds have proved difficult to photograph.

Hornbill- another Hornbill. A very old spiecies… This one is a male. The one I posted previously, is a female,(yellow on the bill). They have a very unusual call. Piercing, and does not fit the bird in the least. This one sat very still on the wire for me.

Mantis face- only a mother could love.

Flower- A Canna Lily, orange and one of many that will eventually bloom in the garden. This was the first flower.

And of course Linzy! At 6 months old.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are so lucky! To being having a great adventure in such a great place. And your pieces for the charity are bee-u-t-full. All on a special day ; )

Sara said...

Thanks for the update. You sound like you're enjoying the adventure and keeping very busy. Have a good holiday!

Melody said...

Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you enjoyed your sponsorship for the most part. And I love the postcards. Not so much the mantis but the lily is pretty. Thanks so much for the peek into life in S Africa

Becky said...

Wow! Sounds like you're jumping in with both feet! Beautiful pictures! LOVE the post cards!

Karen S said...

I love the pics of the birds. And I love the postcards (hint hint hint).

Linzy is such a beauty!