Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Positive Feedback


So a post or two ago I did a little rant about terrible customer service and even worse online service from Ritz Camera and suggested that you choose any other online or retail outlet for your camera needs; which I really hope you do.

So on the positive side is a Brita experience. We had been using a Brita Pitcher for drinking water that we have had since at least 1996. So I ordered some new filters for the pitcher and a filter to put on the faucet. So the pitcher filters arrive first, but in the meantime the insert is cracked… but it is better than drinking straight tap water… so we keep using it. Then the Tap Filter arrives, but of course the fittings don’t go with the size here, but the booklet says to call their customer service line. So I do, after a little scrambling to figure out the time zone and time difference. I get lady named Amelia M. I explain I live in South Africa and need to adapt the faucet connection. While she is looking for the part numbers I mention that we really need the fittings because the insert to our pitcher cracked right after I placed the order. She says which system, I say an old one… she says do I know the name, which as it turns out is on the bottom of the pitcher. She looks and they still make and have the inserts and says she will send one- no charge!!! So about 2 weeks later a new insert shows up and a few days later the fittings to adapt the Tap Filter to the South African faucet. So for a little inconvenience and some time we have both a working pitcher and Tap Filter for all our cooking and drinking water!!! So if you ever consider using a filtered water system or have a problem with the Brita Systems, give them a call. It’s real ‘Customer Service’!

So, the design wall is not quite working the way I needed it to… so I am back to the drawing board for a solution. I have tried 3 different ways to attach to the wall:

  • the 3M Command Picture Hangers –didn’t want to stick to the wall and stuck to the Styrofoam ok.
  • the Velcro Sticky Backed tape – didn’t want to stick well to either the wall or the Styrofoam.
  • the Double Sided Stick Foam – didn’t want to stick to the Styrofoam.

Next is a trip back to the hardware store for a different approach. Thinking of building a wooden frame and hot glue the Styrofoam to the crosspieces…. but again I’m still percolating on a solution. I have considered hot gluing them to the wall too. I may try a bit of the glue on the wall and see how well it will come off after a day or so.

Not much sewing or anything else around the house will be getting done. A return trip to Kruger is coming up!!!

As always… more later!



Marta Benicá said...

Great blog. Congratulations. Hugs.

Karen S said...

It's nice to see positive feedback. I remember from my tech services days that people usually only say something when they're angry. I always thought if we lived somewhere else where the water wasn't so fine, we'd need to get one of those things.

Can't wait to see the design wall -- probably not as much as you, though!