Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Rwanda

My DH is home from Rwanda, but unfortunately it’s really only a stop over!! He has to go back to Rwanda and then from there to the US. He will be gone again for several weeks… but I am hoping to join him sometime at the end of June.

He of course brought me a few things from Rwanda. A basket with a set of coasters in it, another basket that has a top or could be 2 baskets, a small purse of very bright fabrics, and of course some fabrics.

The fabrics are REALLY cool!

The first is a batik, with some simple giraffes printed on a green background. It’s about 4 yards and about 40 inches wide.


blu-gold-TanzaniaThe second is very interesting! It is from Tanzania. It will be more of table topper… rather than a quilt I think, also about 4 yards (2 panels) and again about 40 inches wide.

Remember you can click on an image for a larger view.

The third and fourth are from Cote d’Ivoire and is a ‘veritable’ Wax Prints. There are 6 yards, but the really neat part is there is a positive and a negative part. It is supposed to be used as a dress, the largest piece is the skirt and the smaller piece is to be a top. The light part is the smaller piece, about a yard and a half, and the dark piece is about 4 1/2 yards and about 47 inches wide. They both have the makers labels attached. The brown one had to be photographed from the side, it was reflecting too much and the green one I managed to line up as if it was just one piece of fabric!



The fifth and sixth are also really cool. They are also Wax Prints, but don’t have the 2 different pieces. These are both 6 yards long and 47 inches wide. The brown one is very sophisticated in the print and color choices and the yellow, green and red one is so right there!!!



All together he brought me back about 30 yards of fabrics from different areas of Africa! I have a very good guy, (don’t I?).

I don’t have a plan for any of them yet. Anyone have any ideas?

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More Later-



Exuberant Color said...

You have a VERY good guy! Keep him!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Beautiful fabrics and I'm so glad he brought you the great much fun.


Jean said...

What a wonderful set of fabrics. I think your idea of a table topper for the fabric from Tanzania is perfect. It appears to be blue and cheddar - I bet it will make for a stunning table setting. Again, I admire you staying home in a new country while your husband travels. Tell me, is the weather changing there since it is April now? Of course, we are well into spring here, pollen and all.

Karen S said...

I LOVE the giraffes! And those prints are so cool -- they would be great fussy cut with templates and pieced back together. What a great guy! Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pieces are absolutely bee-u-ti-ful! You're lucky.