Friday, April 29, 2011


Since the last blog post we have had a week of days off or so it seems. Most of the time between posts I don’t think I have much to tell and then it sort of explodes and there are lots of small topics… So I’ll start with the days off or South African holidays. From the Friday April 22, before Easter to Monday May 2, if you took 3 days off work you get something like 11 days off.

The first one was Good Friday, we all got to stay home from work and since my Dear Husband, (DH) is away again. He is currently in Wichita, Kansas and was there for Good Friday (he had to work) and Easter Sunday. I didn’t do anything special for Good Friday. I did do some quilting until I ran out of thread, (see previous post and as luck would have it -its just below this one).

On Saturday evening I went to the local BIG mall to see a movie with a coworker. We opted for ‘Water for Elephants’, but that is because I’d read the book and it was a good story. The movie was good too. After the movie we grabbed a bite.

Sunday (Easter), a bunch of us made plans for a late breakfast / early lunch and to see a local music review. The theme was ‘Rough Diamonds and Divas’ and some of it was really rough….  It was fun. I left the house at 10:30 and didn’t get home until a bit after 4. It was only $25 for breakfast and the entertainment. Not bad. I think we are making plans to do the next one too, ‘Super Troopers’ featuring the tunes from Abba and the Bee Gees.

The Monday (April 25) following Easter is also a Holiday here, it’s called Family Day and I had a very relaxing day at

And just when you think we have to go back to work we had Wednesday off (April 27), for Freedom Day. Very similar to our Independence Day. Marks the end of Apartheid and open and free elections. On Sunday and Monday the Air Force and several other pilots were practicing some air displays, right over my house. I did get a couple of shots… cr-more-freedom-prac

Now just when you think we are out of holidays… nope we have one more on Monday May 2- Workers Day or the equivalent of our Labor Day. It will be very difficult to go back to a 5 day work week.



The last few days we have been experiencing coolercr-e-Bfly-w-daisy weather…, mostly the nights, but definitely cooler. I have a daisy plant that is full of flowers  and the other day a small butterfly came by for a visit. The sun was shining in such a way that the blue was showing all sparkly. This little guy is about the size of a quarter, not really big. The one on the flower is cool… but I think I like the one with him in the air better.

Well that’s all for now… more later-



Melody said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are really lucky! You get to have an adventure in a different country and take some bee-u-ti-ful pictures. Too bad for the DH. I bet he would of liked the days off.

Becky said...

You take such beautiful pictures! Loved the book too, scared to see the movie.... I'm almost always disappointed... So sorry about the lack of thread... No fun :(

Karen S said...

Those plane pictures are pretty cool. Love the blue butterfly. I like the second picture better too (although the first one is pretty cool).

Jean said...

I am catching up on blogs after the power outage... happy to see one from you. Running out of thread is the most annoying, isn't it? Hope you have enjoyed your days off. I am loving my days - even got to sew today! Wichita is closer to me than you. I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. I kept passing it by on the book stand but read it last summer and enjoyed it, but I haven't seen the movie yet.

Wolfie said...

I've read Water for Elephants, but when I thought about re-reading it, I can t find it anywhere....not entirely sure I want to see the movie though.

SO DH was in Witchita and you in SA, sounds a wee bit weird LOL.

But Beth - your pictures....breathtaking as usual and I can't for the life of me understand how you was able to take them.