Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jacaranda Quilters of Pretoria

Yesterday was the winter Friendship meeting. There are only 3 a year. These meeting are the equivalent of the end of year meeting for a monthly guild in the US. There are lots of vendors, -many quilt stores are run from homes here, and going from shop to shop can really eat up a day. So the friendship meetings are for shopping as well. The meeting starts at 9, so the vendors have to get up awfully early to get here and get set up!


Like any quilt guild meeting there was a short business meeting and then, we had a program on color from a member of the guild. There are usually demonstrations at the meeting too, but this time we built a color wheel, that we used during her talk, when she would describe the relationships of color. A very useful tool.


The meetings are also a small quilt show. The small group that I belong to, Kwetterkwilters, and another, Frangipanis, were charged with procuring the displays. Each group showed off some of the things members made -projects, challenges or round robins. It was obvious once our display was up that the 7 of us are NOT afraid of color. Our group put up, last years birthday blocks (miniature log cabins), this years challenge (12x12 Word), miscellaneous small quilts, along with a few larger ones and the postcards that we have all received so far!!!


The postcard display was a favorite among the members. We each pinned our postcards to a ribbon and hung the ribbon over a black background. It really made all the colors pop.


The first stand has the Miniature Log Cabins (birthday blocks) and the last stand has some of the groups smaller pieces. Since I didn’t have much in the way of group projects, I took my Black, White & Bright quilt, and was surprised to win ‘Viewers Choice’. It was quite fun to win!!!

This may well have been my last Jacaranda meeting… The next one is in October. I have met some really wonderful, warm and very generous ladies through quilting. I am sure glad I am a quilter.

More Later!!!



Jean said...

It's easy to understand why your quilt was Viewer's Choice! The postcard display looks like such fun. You should be proud of making that happen. You know, I quilt every day, but I have never made a postcard. Nice to see yor blog. I have fallen out of the blogging habit. I blog mentally, but it doesn't get to the computer.

Becky said...

Congrats! How fun to see some familiar postcards! Thanks for sharing!!

Karen S said...

Congratulations! This is totally deserved!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is bee-u-ti-ful! Not surprised that it was a winner!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winning - you're so worth it :-) Loved all these small postcards too and Friendship meeting - what a lovely name :-)
Moving again huh? Hopefully something as exiting and exotic as SA - like ....drumroll....SWEDEN!!! LOL.