Thursday, August 16, 2012

Empty Space-s

To borrow a title from another blogger (thanks Wolfie). I have been busy lately segregating, sorting, and simplifying our stuff. Which has resulted in this.


The study being packed

and this


The kitchen being packed

and this.


This the sewing room and most of the guest room.

On Tuesday 3 gentlemen, Louis, Franco and Aaron, arrived to start the packing process. They got here around 9 and by 4 just about everything was boxed that would be going by Sea Freight.

Today, the same 3 arrived at about 8:30, I served them tea and then they got busy and completed the boxing by 10. Then the big truck came, with an additional 4 men. Stanford, Paul, Bob and Charles. Again I served tea and the business of loading the truck got started.


We arrived with 4 containers and we will be leaving with 4 containers.

By noon, the truck was loaded, the boxes were closed and labeled and tied down. I made them lunch… and that was it. 

We are Packed Out!


Sewing room on the left and guest bedroom on the right


The crew!

The only things we have left are the Air Freight and the luggage items. Simple living for the next 3 weeks and then the fun begins! House hunting, car shopping and worrying about the dogs and their adventure which is separate from ours. They will be leaving a day or so after us, stopping over in Amsterdam… for a ‘rest stop’ of about 8 hours and then continuing on to Washington DC, where they will be met by an expediter and whisked away to a kennel for a night and a bath.

More Later-  Beth


Anonymous said...

Hmmm there went that post again into nothingness. But alas I sing today too over at my side "he's leaving home,buy buy ,-9
Holy cow girlfriend, that was some packing but I have to ask - do you pack up your entire kitchen when you move? Here it stays with the propertie :-)
Now when all is packed up - what are you going to do with your time - heh?

Karen S said...

Yay -- she's coming back! At least the empty spaces aren't between your ears....!

Jean said...

We moved to this house 20 years ago in January. I cannot imagine the day we move, not that we are planning to do that for at least several more years. I remember it was a good feeling when everything was in boxes and ready for them next phase.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Moving is good because it makes you really think about what it is that you want to keep. I think it's time for me to move!!! Good luck with the rest of your move. I'm sure you're excited to be getting back to the US!