Thursday, August 9, 2012


We are having a true taste of weather!!! Here, where we are on the verge of the Southern Hemisphere spring and we have winter. REAL winter. Cold -bone chilling cold. Winds with a bit of ice in them… that make the cold air even colder and cuts right through to your bones. And snow! Yep, snow flurries.

There are places in South Africa that see some snow in the winter, every winter. But for Johannesburg and Pretoria to see snow flakes, that is a bit more unusual. Sort of like snow in San Diego California.


Taken with my phone… on my way home….

On Tuesday, when I got home… I let the dogs out into the yard. Axel, who has of course seen snow was very excited… he ran and rolled and played. Linzi, didn’t even notice…. Pretoria did not have any accumulation and the little that accumulated near Johannesburg, melted shortly after the sun appeared.

It is cold here! Not as cold as dead of winter in the northern plains of the USA. But here where the temperatures are milder, where homes are brick without insulation, windows are single glazed and weather stripping is non existent… central heat is not available and add to that high energy costs (and an overloaded energy grid)… well it’s cold inside and out! Burr.

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Jean said...

I have been following along with your blog and plans for moving, but I know I haven't commentented lately. Life just gets in the way! I bet your recent quilt show was great fun. Thinking about uprooting your household, not as much fun. Too bad you aren't headed to Alabama. There is a lovely home for sale just a couple of houses from us. Off to shower. I am taking an old friend, new quilter, to a quilt shop up in southern Tennessee today. Hot, hot here - no snow! Then tomorrow teacher work days begin for the new school year.

adkquiltnsew said...

miss you! I missed all of the same things when I was overseas too.... but diet coke was on the list too!

Karen S said...

Snow! Winters are mild where you're going too -- although they don't know it.

Anonymous said...

Burr but the flurries look bee-u-ti-ful!

Anonymous said...

Brrrrr for snow. we are heading into fall here and we all feel kind of cheated weatherwise here. The summer has been unusually blaha, but now when most people have gone back to work, it has perked up and is kind of balmy :-)
Good luck on all moving preparation.