Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilts, thread and batting

Now that the sewing space is complete… I have been sewing. I had 2 baby quilts on the list. One for a great niece that was brought into the world in July. I was under the impression that it was going to be a nephew, and had made a blue and white quilt along with the others I made HERE. Of course to add to the complication, I was preparing to pack-out in July and mailing something larger than a cigar box was not allowed, even if I had it completed I would not have been able to mail until after September… so late is late and the quilt is better if you ask me!!! Bright and cheerful and just right for a little girl -and now on its way to the family.


I quilted it a little differently, for me… It is a 2 line design. One line has large 4 petal flowers and loops meandering around and another line winding about with leaves and also loops.

The thread used was a Superior King Tut variegated and the best part was it was already in my thread stash. I belong to the Superior “Sampler Thread Club” and I get 6 threads every month!!! I did not have to make do or run over to the store and find a maybe ….  To see the quilting design… a bit closer


and a bit closer


This is the other quilt.


I found a stencil that I liked for the blocks and then recreated the design in the block borders. This quilt is going to another family from our time in South Africa. They were married there shortly after we arrived (we went to the wedding), they rotated back to the states about a year ago and now have a brand new baby boy. Like the orange quilt, I had the thread already in my stash!!!


I have not gotten the supplies to build the design wall yet. These quilts are not as wavy as they appear in the pictures.

Another note, the orange quilt was quilted with Warm & Natural cotton batting and the blue quilt was quilted with a new batting product from Pellon. After quilting the two back to back, I like the Pellon Natures Touch much better. It was much softer, felt a bit puffy like wool, and had a better drape once quilted, not quite as stiff as Warm & Natural. I like how it behaved under the needle as well, again not a stiff as Warm & Natural and did not get as hung up when trying to move it while quilting. A bonus, appears to be a little less expensive too.


Jean said...

Hmmm....I usually use Warm and Natural. I tried Hobbs 80 cotton 20 polyester on a small quilt recently and it was softer. My longarm quilter uses Warm and Natural, so I guess I followed her lead.

Anonymous said...

How cute!! My favorite is the orange one - happy colors. And the quilting is great, pretty flowers.