Sunday, September 1, 2013

Strips, Duty and Wasps

Lately… I have not spent much time in my sewing space… other than to make a bit of a mess. I actually had a mess in several locations… I mentioned before that I was organizing and participating in a strip swap. I had the cutting and sorting station in my sewing room, the arrival station in a spare bedroom and the shipping station on the dinning room table. I have shipped out the strips to everyone, so now I can play with mine!!!!


I needed these additional strips so I could have a bit more variety to make some blocks. I have made a test block… and this is where we are going…. with all those fun bright strips. Gave up trying to rotate this guy straight… you get the idea! I was going to mix the fabrics regular cottons with batiks, but I think now it will be all batik.


And, Ouma Duty. The 2 year old DGS (darling grandson) had a break from Daycare with his Ouma from Wednesday evening through Friday evening. I just didn’t want to waste the time or gas driving back and forth daily so he stayed the duration. The other reason, is that he would be staying over for 4 days next week and I thought he might need to be eased into …. time away from his parents. Nope. He adapted beautifully.


I did get the camera out a couple of times lately, in my own back yard! First up, some Red Aphids on my basil. It was interesting… they all stayed together… and if I moved the plant they would all move, nearly as one to maintain their location.


My backyard is pretty sparse as far as plants go, but I do have a rather large hydrangea. I love to look at the flowers and complexity of the different types of Hydrangeas blooms. There are so many different varieties now. In this picture with the Black and White Wasp known as the Potters Wasp- black and white body with blue wings, you can see the disturbed pollen falling.


I also saw this wasp on the same plant. Called a Northern Paper Wasp- who would have guessed that there are so many different kinds of wasps? In this picture you can see the centers of the hydrangea flower… large petals, with a much smaller center flower.


Yes I like nature…



Becky said...

Wow! Nice pictures! Enjoy your sewing and family time! BTW, what kind of camera do you have, or would suggest for me as a first DSLR camera?

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing project. Looks like it will be lots of fun. Your grandson is adorable! Great flower pictures. I love flowers and nature, too. That makes up the bulk of my photos.

Diana in NY

Anonymous said...

Now that is a cutie if I ever seen one. What eyes!!! I'll bet that little darling can wrap you round his little finger many times over ;-)
Btw - your octagons are way more nice than mine = pouting....

Diana LaFaro said...

I'm finally not anonymous!

Karen S said...

Cute kid! Love the chicken with the strips! And the bug pics are grrrrreat!

Anonymous said...

Your grandson has bee-u-ti-ful eyes. And I don't think he can wrapped you around his little finger. Something tells me you got his number.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

He is just adorable!!! I love the strips and considering what has just gone on, should have joined in on the fun. Who knows, I may even start some not-so-traditional quilting again. Or, here's an idea, finish up some of the tops I have stashed away in drawers. LOL!