Monday, December 9, 2013


For a change, the weather people got it right. We got snow yesterday morning, about 3 inches total. Then it stopped for a few hours and then the sleet arrived… it spit for a couple of hours and added a firm coating to the snow. I don’t think the temperatures got out of the 20’s the whole day.

When I went to bed, there wasn’t anything falling from the sky… however, when I got up this morning, it was still below freezing outside and there was rain coming down. Very gently. The results were beautiful.





Doesn’t this one remind you of a snow globe?

More later- Beth


Exuberant Color said...

Pretty as long as you don't slip and fall on it. I must say winter has artistic moments.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Oh my! How wonderful!!! My favourites are the snow globe and the red berries. Do you think I have a thing for red?

Anonymous said...

They are all great but the last one is my favorite - almost unreal.
Here we are above freezing and all snow and ice have melted :D

Rachel Murphree said...

Beth, these are gorgeous pictures! you really have a talent for photography. Glad to meet you!