Wednesday, December 18, 2013


There is something about this house that keeps me cleaning too much…. Having 2 dogs -both started shedding massively, one much more than the other in the fall and continues even now. And 4 flights of stairs…. with carpet (that shows some of that massive amount of dog hair) need to be vacuumed regularly and a dark hardwood floor that shows even more!!! So even though it seems like I spend too much time cleaning… I do manage to get to the sewing space.

raffle-border-detailThe quilt guild is already at work on the raffle-border2014 Raffle Quilt. I volunteered to work on the embroidery parts of the quilt. Earlier, in September, I embroidered 2 blocks about 14 inches square -a rose and a cardinal on a branch, both redwork in the backstitch. Next up were the borders. I did one of those as well. About 72 inches, a total of 6 repeats…

cr-Cadence-quilt-wbI also made a baby quilt for a great-niece. Very simply done, Disappearing 9-patch. Nothing too special. Shipped it off and haven’t heard a peep about it. Hope they like it.

Since I am trying to knock out some UFO’s… I completed 2 littlecr-cupcake-wallhanging wall-hangings as well. These were started and the tops completed before moving to South Africa in 2010. They were on the list…. to do… but I just couldn’t get motivated. But… they are done now. About 27 inches square. One has beaded jimmies on the cupcakes and the other has beaded sprinkles, otherwise identical. The only reason I made them was I got one kit, a Snap Sack, for a buck at the Bernina USA yard sale and a friend gave me the other… for the same reason I bought one… They were cute!

cr-cupcake-jimmies         cr-cupcake-sprinkles

More later…. Beth




Exuberant Color said...

I'm beginning to think the only way to hear from the recipients is to enclose a self addressed envelope.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Lot s accomplished, but too bad no thanks from the recipients! Next time, buy a gift.

Jean said...

I made a quilt for my (preemie) great nephew. Three months later, the thank you read in total, " thanks for the blanket." I recently read a story that said giving is not a bank deposit. It is best when it is open and nonjudgmental. Wish I could embrace that spirit more .

Anonymous said...

Love the cup cakes :)
I think that most people have absolutely no idea about how much work goes into even a small baby one, hence the "ruddiness".