Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunflowers 2014

Over in Maryland there is a Wildlife Management Area where they plant fields to draw the wildlife, (and feed). In several field they plant Sunflowers. One of the fun things is that the fields are open to the public and we can walk among them. I have been itching to see them. I went over last week to see if they were in bloom. They were not, but I found lots of other things to photograph.

I managed to get to the fields yesterday… in the late morning. I would have skipped it altogether, but we had high clouds to cut the sun glare. I could see some differences from last year. Last year they bloomed later in July, that they were taller and I think I like a bit more maturity in the flowers! This is a favorite from last summer.


These are from yesterday.


I always like to find the one that is facing the wrong way! I only found 2… and this one I’d title…. “There’s one in every crowd”



cr-sunflower-chacter         sf-character-2

I don’t know who these ladies are, or what the significance of the masks are, but I snapped these 2 pictures… There are all kinds of characters at the fields… from engagement sessions, to modeling sessions, to just your average folks coming to see them, to professional photographers… with all the gear. Yesterday there was even a guy with a drone equipped with a camera. I will say it was annoying while if flew overhead… and a little unnerving, to think I was also being photographed as I photographed the flowers.


The Drone


The drone operator- He is wearing a pair of Google Glass. I wish I had that much money and time to play! I know the the Glass is $1500 without prescription lenses.

Of course what would a day out be without a couple of bugs? I did see the bumblebees on the sunflowers, but none presented anything interesting. I also saw a June Bug and a Stink Bug on the sunflowers. I was able to capture a Grasshopper flying in place, but it was too small to share… without a huge explanation.

I love to watch dragonflies…. This little guy posed for me… on several plants.


and I fond this guy near a pond that has a million water lily… type plants, no blooms though. I am thinking about going back later in the week for more mature sunflowers and maybe some lilies… in bloom… yellow ones!


I saw many more dragonflies…. but I’ll spare you the pictures.

It was a hot day…so I think I will stay inside today… and play.

More later! Beth


Jean said...

What a fun place! I have always loved sunflowers. I saw some for sale at the farmers market yesterday, but passed on bringing them home. Now I wish I had.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You got me yet again....this time tears are rolling down my cheeks. You have captured absolute beauty for the rest of us to gaze upon...what a gift (in so many ways).

THANK YOU for driving out there, for taking the pix and for sharing them. JOY!


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I love them!!! It's hard to choose, but I think I love the first sunflower and the first dragonfly the best! Which settings did you use to get that nice blurred background for the sunflowers?

Oh yeah, I also love the one with the rogue sunflower....LOL.....that would be me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I loooove the dragonfly on the bud - gorgeous!!