Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Waterford Fair

This past weekend was a Juried Craft Fair in Waterford VA. It is the largest and oldest in Virginia. This was the 71st and the dates have been set for next year already, always the first weekend of October. The fair is set in the village of Waterford, established in 1733, and all the crafts have to reflect the late 1700’s and 1800’s. There are lots of demonstrators sharing many time honored crafts, as well as some old time tools being used. For more information about the Waterford Fair click HERE.

While walking through the village after my stint quilt sitting and selling raffle tickets for the Guild Quilt I was lucky enough to see some re-enactors. I’m not really sure who we are seeing here… as my American History is much better in the kitchen than on the battlefield. Virginia has been in the thick of much of this countries skirmishes, (I suspect these re-enactors are from the Civil War era) based on the uniform colors -blue and gray.

The Piper-


The Blue-


The advance-


The Battle-


A little artistic license, while we were waiting for the battle to begin-


There was a demonstration of some of the early mechanical corn shucking, cobbing and grinding machines, but I thought the pile of crib corn was more interesting.


And last, but not the least… a late bloom in a garden near the re-enactment.


More Later!


Jean said...

Looks like a wonderful fall festival!

Anonymous said...

As always mighty impressed by your photos. How on earth do you get that red flower so sharp? Awestruck;)

Fleurette said...

The craft demos must have been interesting.Lovely photos.