Friday, June 3, 2016

Coaching Free Motion

A few weeks ago I was able to share how I create the letters..... with one of the guilds. I don't call myself a teacher or instructor, more of a coach/encourager, because creativity is a personal thing, and not something that can be taught when everyone does it exactly the same way. I try and share what I know in a way that others can use the information in their own way or style later. It was one of the very few times (in a class/workshop situation) that everyone stayed until the last minute!!! We had a total of about 10 hours (Friday evening and Saturday). All were enthusiastic from start to finish. I find that once the stitching starts, most of the enthusiasm starts to wane. Fortunately it was pitched as a technique, rather than a finish .... and once your are comfortable with the design transfer and the Free Motion.... the technique can transfer to just about anything that needs thread for the embellishment.

So what were the results????

I had a great time coaching all these folks... and can't wait to see what they do with this in the future!!! 

I completed one of the samples I made for the class... 

The letter "K" and it is the 13th... in the letter series. I started this letter several months ago, but needed to keep it until the class. I still have a few others in the sample stage.  But I the made the "K" (approx 12"x12") for a specific person and it will go in the mail, just as soon as I get the label/sleeve .... on it (probably tomorrow).

More Later-Beth

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Anonymous said...

Very talented pupils you had :)