Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Bird Lady

I feed the birds.... I like to watch and listen to them... when I have a few minutes or while at the sink. This house (as I may have mentioned) came with one of the those almost permanent swing sets. We tried to give it away, but folks would come and look, say yep they wanted it, would be back in a few days to dismantle and we'd never see them again. So we had a choice.... take it out with a chainsaw or turn it into an asset. 

We chose asset. We planted some grapes on one end and are starting to train them to grow on the frame. We added some bird feeders. Now we have several.... and several regular visitors, at least 4 varieties of woodpeckers,  titmouse, chickadees, grackles, starlings,  brown headed cow birds, mocking birds and several finches (goldfinch and house finches) and of course sparrows.

This is a mocking bird, we have 2 pair that live close and visit nearly every day.

This is one of the woodpeckers. It is a Hairy Woodpecker... and I always confuse it with the Downy.... and we  have both and they are all nick named Woody. Several are not afraid of us and we come and go in the yard.... with them close. They visit both the seeds and suet, although if given a choice... they like the suet best.
And who is the bird lady as referenced in the title. Me. This little house finch was not in the least afraid and was hanging out for hours .... on the feeders, just sitting for 2 days. At one point he flew in onto the grapes....right next to me and I reached out an picked him up. DH snapped this of him after he flew to my shoulder. He hasn't been back in a few days. We think he may have flown into a window and was just out of it for a couple of days. Hopefully he is back to being right and still alive, they all look alike.... when flitting about.

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