Monday, November 14, 2016


I took a workshop, in September. Actually 3 days worth of workshops.... I think I have missed workshops where we really learn!!!!  Where the instructor is prepared, knows her topic and shares her knowledge with ease and abandon.

I took the class at Quilted Joy (an APQS dealer) in Louisville KY. It was 3 days with Bethanne Nemesh, learning how to feather her way... 5 classes in all. Not that I am any where near good enough with the longarm to do much of anything... freehand, before or now after the class, but I did learn some things that will make going forward a little easier or at least a bit more freeing in my abilities to date.

I have had some difficulty .... getting things going on the front side of my machine. I can Panto/Edge to Edge all day, but I don't find that very much fun. Just following a line at the back of the machine doesn't allow me to see any of the surface of the quilt, and am certain, that I would not be able to do that for others for long!!! (if that was my intention with the longarm).

During the classes all were able to have time on a longarm to practice what we were learning on paper. My first machine for practicing was the bottom of the line longarm. I got it by default, as I was the last one out of the tables and it was the only one left. A very frustrating experience to say the least. A very temperamental machine that moved like a stick in very thick mud. But we got through it.... Day 2 I got one more like my machine!!!

One of the things I wanted to do while taking the class, was to compare my LA with another LA. My machine... did not track well... and created a wobble... when stitching. I did not feel it when going a moderate speed or at the back, but when going very s-l-o-w or trying to back track, I did!!! It was not something I could replicate.... or even describe with a reasonable description, but I know it was not right. FINALLY figured it out. My table was NOT level, I spent an afternoon following the classes, on my hands and knees adjusting the leveling feet... and then double checked it with an electronic angle finding level. What a miracle that thing was. I had gotten my table within a .20 of level.... and have no idea of where it started, but it makes me wonder exactly I paid for to have it installed and then rechecked? If it was for building the frame... I could have done that .... part myself!!!! I did quilt up some fabric... for a bag (I will be helping friend construct a bag over the next few weeks), and will make one at the same time so I am a few steps ahead for the bumps in the construction and pattern. There are several!!! It is one of those patterns written by person with a non-construction background.

2 Quilts from the Sampler Smack Down Book
edit (I did not quilt these, Bethanne did for her book)

I also took these classes in lieu of going to the MQX show in Springfield IL. I had plans to go, but the disorganized process of the class sign ups left me feeling let down and did not want to experience a huge difficulty after traveling to the show. I hope everyone had a great time at the show and I will certainly miss the eye candy... and maybe some of the vendors too. Maybe I will try and go next year...

One class was for edge finishing... Devil is in the Details. Here is my sample of the beaded edge.

All in all interesting and fun.


Jean Etheridge said...

Well, I am impressed with your quilting! Good to see your post.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You will have more fun at the front of the machine if you lower your expectations a little and just relax and play. After a few quilts you will improve greatly.