Monday, May 29, 2017


Wow it has been a little while since a post has been posted. There has been lots going on... but nothing worth posting about or there has been just more going and no opportunity to post with pictures. The other component... to posting is the computer and editing the photos!! Bandit is now 7 months old, he passed his Level 1 obedience class, and we are looking at Level 2 which should be starting soon. That is the loss of about 9 hours a week plus his walks to help us burn some excess energy. I have been to Paducah for the show, taught a class, created a challenge quilt, (can't post that yet), working on 2 other pieces, almost done with one on the longarm and have a special project or 2 that also need my attention! I will share those pictures soon too. I have had guest come and am expecting more later in the season and hopefully soon I will have an announcement too!!! Um.... maybe I should entertains some guesses... do you have one?

I did finally get the computer and editing software all working together on the same day that I had a few minutes to spare. So I will work with those those pictures and post.... in order...

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Spring finally arrived about mid April, but the temperatures have bounced around... warm then cold, then cool then HOT, then cool.... you get the picture. Right up to yesterday, the day before Memorial day, cool. You will have to look closely to see one of the harbingers of spring in this picture.
A baby bunny. Mom lives under our deck and provides the yard with several litters every year. This little guy and his brother are about the size of a toddlers shoe. They are nestled next to the raised garden box.

Our lawn is growing, so that means the clover is too. On one of the warm days I spotted a few of the Blue Hairstreak butterflies and had to get the camera. These are very small butterflies as you can tell by his wings fully open on a clover bloom.
And all folded up. The same butterfly, and when all folded up is slightly larger than a dime.

Also, I found several fields of these yellow flowers, Ranunculus bulbosus, otherwise known as a Buttercup. 

Sorry I've been away, someday, when Bandit has grown up, much more of my time will be disposable!!! I don't know what possessed me to think that I needed another dog! 

More, much more --- Later!  Beth


Jean Etheridge said...

It was a nice surprise to see your post! I always enjoy hearing and seeing what you are up to. Your butterfly made me think of our visit to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens last weekend with two of our grandchildren (celebrating the youngest's five-year-old birthday). Our gardens have a butterfly house that is fun to visit. Your new dog sounds like fun too, maybe lots of work, but fun too. Our pug is seven now, and we think of getting a second one, but not yet. Our Ozzie is the easiest dog we have ever had. Two or three short walks a day, and he is happy to just be near us. I finally convinced him to spend time next to me in the sewing room by making him his own quilt and folding it over a small dog pillow/pad. I am excited to see your quilting work. What kind of class did you teach? I have never gone to our quilt guild here, but in a couple of weeks I am going to go to their program and test the waters. I love, love being retired, but I am pretty sure seeking out some additional adult contact would be a good idea. Allen is retiring in about six weeks, so that will be a big change for us. I am on Instagram if you ever look there. hsvjean73
Glad you posted today!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondered what you are up to. I know you are a great photographer so no excuse saying you have nothing to show. I edit my photos each day so they don't pile up and become impossible to deal with. Your surprise? A grandbaby? You are moving again? Love that tiny butterfly. I have seen either a Monarch or a painted lady but it flitted by so fast I couldn't see it clearly.

Titia said...

So grateful to be one of the guests you will host in September. Lovely buttercups. We will walk the dogs for you when we are visiting!

Anonymous said...

Don't I know all about pups? Manny is running me more grey hair every day, somedays I'm sorely tempted to sell him of and Diego wouldn't be happier.
Surprice? Well you are not pregnant ;) so your own commercial quilt studio/school? Getting that website with your pics up? Moving?