Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dog Days!

Its August, already!!! Life has been busy!!! 

Bandit has proven to be a very willful and headstrong teenager and has forced us to reevaluate his training... and behaviour. Most of the difficulties were caused by us, not being firm and consistent in our response to his unwelcomed and at times very dangerous reactions to our reprimands.  We got lazy... and he took advantage of loose humans.

He is now in active training... every day... an hour(ish) in the morning and an hour(ish) in the evening, along with behaviour modification all day.

We noticed a huge difference in one day and it has improved all week. Everyone is happier. He loves to work... and do well, and eat. Yep. He gets both meals while training, which is where the hour(ish) comes in. Some days we feed him slower and other days... a bit faster, so all the sessions are different and he does not get to rush to the end and be done.

This is yesterday... while training in the backyard. 

He is 10 months old. Best guess weight is about 70 pounds. He is fully grown and will begin to build his muscles and fill out. He looks very impressive in this picture, but when walking or running you can still see his adolescent physic...  

He will be a good dog!!! 

More Later!!!  Beth


Laetitia said...

Looking forward to meet Bandit.Soon.

Rachel Murphree said...

Beth, I tried to leave a comment last week on this. I'm impressed and happy that you figured out the issues with Bandit. he is such a magnificent dog. wow! good for you both for sticking it out and figuring out how to fix the situation!

Diana LaFaro said...

He's a beautiful dog! Glad to hear that the training is now going well.