Monday, October 9, 2017

A Few More

Lilies from the Chicago Botanical Garden ponds.

The greenhouse was the second most interesting place, due to the drizzle and grey skies outside... but very crowded with lots of families and strollers. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Promised...

to share more.... about Chicago... but I have not had an abundance of time...

Our second day in Chicago found us with some drizzle and cloudy skies. We chose to spend the day at the Chicago Botanical Garden. It was a place I visited shortly before moving to South Africa and as it turned out a great place to spend the day.

For me the best thing were the water features where about 20 or 30 different waterlilies were in bloom. I could have probably spent all day trying for the best shot.... of every different one of  them. I would have loved to see a warm sunny day that would have encouraged a few bugs to visit them too.

I will post a few of my favorites here....  and the rest over the next couple of days.

and a lily pad... doesn't the texture and spikes on the rolled side look cool?

Do you have a favorite lily.... here?

More Later-Beth